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Incoming Student Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations on your acceptance! We look forward to meeting you in the Fall! Visit our FAQ page for some important information to help guide you through the processes following your tuition deposit.

Exemption Exams

As you may know, MSW students who do not have advanced standing take two research courses:  a Foundations course and a second level research course in their final semester.  Prior to the start of the fall semester, we offer the opportunity to take a 50 item multiple choice exam in research that if you pass, exempts you from taking the research foundations class. 

The exam is comprehensive and you can prepare for it by purchasing the text and taking the practice quizzes . The text is The Practice of Research in Social Work, Third edition, Engel & Schutt.

First-year MSW students who do not have advanced standing must also take the foundations Human Behavior and the Social Environment (HBSE) course during fall semester. An HBSE exemption exam is also offered, allowing students who pass an exemption so that they do not have to take first-level/foundations HBSE. The exam is a 77-item comprehensive test covering content from the following text book:

Lesser, J.C., & Pope, D.S. (2011). Human behavior and the social environment: Theory and practice. Boston: (2ed.): Allyn and Bacon.

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All newly accepted international students please refer to the University of Pittsburgh Office of International Services (OIS) website.

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