Aging Initiatives & Programs

The School of Social Work is committed to developing professionals and supporting agencies to serve older adults. The University’s location in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and Southwestern Pennsylvania provides a rich environment for learning about older adults and their needs. Allegheny County is one of the oldest counties in the United States and has over 200 organizations and agencies which provide services to older adults.


Adjunct Faculty:

  • Alexandra Mattina 
  • Tammy Makoul 

Hartford Aging Initiatives

The Hartford Partnership Program for Aging Education is a unique educational program designed to enhance both direct practice and leadership skills in gerontology. Program participation will enable social work students to become highly skilled practitioners. 

Certificate in Gerontology

The goals of the Gerontology Certificate program are to enhance students’ understanding of the aging process and to provide them with the skills relevant to practice with and/or on behalf of the elderly and their family members. 

Teaching Materials

Faculty, field instructors and students may use the materials in teaching and project development.  

Other Fellowship Opportunities

Other fellowship opportunities in geriatrics.