Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

BASW students

The BASW Program prepares its graduates to engage in entry-level generalist social work practice with individuals, families, groups, communities, and/or organizations within a multicultural society. Professional practice settings for entry-level generalist practitioners include child welfare, family preservation, mental retardation and mental health, drug and alcohol, juvenile justice, aging, shelters for battered women, homeless shelters, community food banks, neighborhood citizen organizations, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers, among many others. 

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The BASW Program

The Goals of BASW Program are to prepare students to competently engage in generalist social work practice.


Read about the requirements for social work majors and minors.


The course schedule listed on this page allows students to plan accordingly in order to facilitate their completion of either the major or the minor.

Required Courses

A list of courses that are required for the BASW Program

Student Advising System

When admitted, new BASW Majors are assigned an advisor by the BASW Program director (students completing the Social Work Minor maintain their academic advisor in their current college or school). 

Bachelor of Philosophy in Social Work

The B.Phil in Social Work creates the opportunity for social work majors to engage in research and scholarly work toward a more rigorous baccalaureate degree traditionally reserved for the graduate level.  

Social Work Minor

Learn about the requirements for a social work minor.

Browne Leadership Fellows Program

The Browne Leadership Fellows Program is an interdisciplinary fellowship aimed at preparing students to be engaged civic leaders working for economic and social justice.

Credit Transfer

BASW Transfer Credit is defined as the award of academic credit toward the BASW Major by the School of Social Work for course work or field work completed at an academic institution when such work is evaluated as entirely comparable.

Service to Others Living Learning Community (LLC)

Service learning guides the upperclass Service to Others Living Learning Community (LLC) experience in partnership with Pitt’s School of Social Work.