VanKirk Career Center

VanKirk Career Center

The goal of the VanKirk Career Center is to prepare students for the social work job market by providing contemporary workshops, individual consultation, and technical support.

The center’s services are constructed to develop greater self-confidence, expand awareness of career opportunities, and foster effective job search practices.

All students can easily take full advantage of the professional development and career service opportunities offered by the VanKirk Career Center.

Students are offered reliable support and services in a friendly environment with flexible office hours. Networking is a critical component of a job search, and promoting opportunities for students and alumni to come together is vital to making connections and maintaining a strong social work community. All career resources are available to both students and alumni.

The VanKirk Career Center offers the following services:


  • Writing résumés/cover letters
  • Effective interviewing techniques
  • Negotiating salary offers
  • Preparing for licensure exams
  • Conducting a long-distance job search

Individual Consultation

  • Self-assessment and goal setting
  • Implementing a career plan
  • Résumé/cover letter critique
  • Evaluating job offers
  • Mock interview videos
  • Networking strategies

Additional Offerings

  • Two computer stations to use to take licensure practice exams
  • Multiple samples of social work-related résumés/cover letters in the Center and on the VanKirk Career Center’s Canvas Page
  • Twice-yearly job fair
  • Meetings with employers to promote our students and alumni
  • Professional photo day

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