Funded Internships (Allegheny County)

Large group of chiildren

Available to University of Pittsburgh BASW and MSW students

  • Learn more about working with children and families receiving child welfare services from Allegheny County CYF
  • Sharpen your engagement and assessment skills
  • Broaden your knowledge of resources and supports for children and families in need of concrete solutions
  • Help to support and strengthen children and families in the context of their local communities
  • Partner with child serving systems and work with community providers in developing a safety net for children and families
  • Support kinship and foster families in caring for children and youth placed in their care
  • Assist older youth in obtaining permanency and transitioning to adulthood
  • Expand your skills in crisis intervention, service planning, and advocacy
  • Make a difference in the life of children, young persons, and their families


  • Fellowship stipend of $7,800 available to select BASW students for senior year internship of 975 hours
  • Fellowship stipend of $3,600 available to select MSW students for foundation internship (1st year)
  • Fellowship stipend of $7,200 available to select MSW students for specialization internship (2nd year or advanced standing)

Application required

Apply here. 

Remember to coordinate with the Field Education Office and submit your Field Placement Request!


Questions?? Contact Dr. Helen Cahalane at