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Compton, M. T., Pope, L. G., de Bibiana, J. T., Boswell, T., Fu, E., Zern, A., Bello, I., Broussard, B., Jones, N., Pollard, J., Watson, A. & Dixon, L. (2023). Changes in knowledge, behavioural expectations, self-efficacy, and stigma after an educational campaign about early psychosis for jail correction officers. Early Intervention in Psychiatry.  Jones, N., Callejas, L., Brown, M., Carras, M.C., Croft, B.,  Pagdon, S., Sheehan, L., Oluwoye, O., Zisman-Ilaani, L. (2023). Multi-stakeholder perspectives on barriers to meaningful participatory mental health services research and priority next steps: Findings from a national survey.  Psychiatric Services.   Lee, Y.Y., Buyanga, M., Mehta, A., Omowunmi, O., Sunkel, C., Vasquez, A., & Jones, N. (2023). Collective reflections on integrating lived experience of psychosis in research and policy in the context of a global commissionCommunity Mental Health Journal.  Pagdon, S. & Jones, N. (2023). Psychosis Outside the Box: A user-led project to  amplify the diversity and richness of experiences described as psychosis. Psychiatric ServicesMary Beth RauktisA Mixed-Methods Study Exploring the Educational Experiences of Foster Youth and Foster Parents During COVID-19Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal  Mary Beth RauktisEarly Adverse Childhood Experiences and Exclusionary Discipline Practices in Middle Childhood.”  Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research Cortney VanHook Would Caring Teachers Buffer the Link Between Violence Victimization and Early Sexual Initiation? Comparing Heterosexual and Non-Heterosexual African American Youth Archives of Sexual Behavior. 


Aftab, A., Collings, S., & Jones, N. (2022). Beyond binary narratives of mental health advocacy: Latent profiles of mental health activists and advocates with lived experience. Psychiatric Services

Atterbury, K. & Jones, N.  (2022). Overcoming factionalism in serious mental illness policy making: A counter-perspective. Psychiatric Services.  

Callejas, L. & Jones, N. (2022).  Development & implementation of a multi-stakeholder youth & young adult crisis and acute mental health services focused participatory research collaborative. Psychiatric Services. 

Clarke, S., Mordecai, D. & Nev Jones (2022; in press). Authenticity and the (in)visibility of service user representation. International Mad Studies Journal

Colder Carras, M., Machin, K., Brown, M., Marttinen, T. L., Maxwell, C., Frampton, B., ... & Jones, N. (2022). Strengthening Review and Publication of Participatory Mental Health Research to Promote Empowerment and Prevent Co-optation. Psychiatric Services

Aliya Durham's Dissertation: If Not Us, then, Who? The Homewood Children's Village: A Case Study of Applied Collective Impact Theory

Eack, S., & Copeland, V. (2022). Davis, Larry E. In Encyclopedia of Social Work. Oxford University Press.

Ettinger, A., Ohmer, M.L., Culyba, A., Beery, J., Tharp-Gilliam, S., Miller, L., et al. (2022).  Allegheny County (SM84931): ReCAST Community Strategic Plan. Report submitted to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

Ettinger, A., Ohmer, M.L., Underwood, E., Culyba, A., Beery, J., Tharp-Gilliam, S., Miller, L., et al. (2022).  Allegheny County (SM84931): Community Needs and Resources Assessment. Report submitted for the ReCAST Project to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

Florence, A., Mehta, A. & Jones, N. (2022). Activist & community perspectives on mental health/psychosocial disability from the Global South

Givens, A., Leah Jacobs., Canada, K. E., & Edwards Jr, D. (2022). Mental illness‐related stigma among probation officers. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health.

Hiller-Venegas, S., Gilmer, T. P., Jones, N., Munson, M. R., & Ojeda, V. D. (2022). Clients’ perspectives regarding peer support providers’ roles and support for client access to and use of publicly funded mental health programs serving transition-age youth in two Southern California Counties. The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, 1-21. 

James Huguley, Dashawna Fussell-Ware, Shante Stuart McQueen, and Bianca DeBellis: Completing the Circle: Linkages Between Restorative Practices, Socio-Emotional Well-Being, and Racial Justice in SchoolsJournal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Leah Jacobs, Branson, Z., Katie Greeno, Skeem, J. L., & Travis Labrum. (2022). Community Behavioral Health Service Use and Criminal Recidivism of People With Mental, Substance Use, and Co-occurring Disorders. Psychiatric Services,

Jacobs, L. A., Ashcraft, L. E., Sewall, C., Wallace, D., & Folb, B. (2022). Recidivism in context: A meta-analysis of concentrated disadvantage and repeat offending. Criminal Justice and Behavior. 

Jang, H., Pikauskas, N., & Tang, F. (2022). Age at Immigration and Depression: The Mediating Role of Contemporary Relationships with Adult Children among Older Immigrants. Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, 77(3), 413-423. 

Alicia Johnson (2022). Adverse Childhood Experiences: How Incidents From the Past Affect a Student's Classroom Behavior Today. In Research Anthology on Interventions in Student Behavior and Misconduct. IGI Global, 2022. Pgs. 246-264.

Jones, N. (2022). Taking Issue: Lived experience leadership in peer support research as the new normal.  Psychiatric Services. 

Kim, S., Kang. C., & Engel, R. (In press). What convinces donors? An analysis of donation-based crowdfunding projects from nonprofit charities: The case of South Korea. Nonprofit Management & Leadership. 

Kimhy, D., Jones, N., & Dixon, L. (2022). Investing in a research workforce with personal experience of serious mental illness. JAMA Psychiatry

MacKenzie, K. T., & Eack, S. M.  (in press).  Interventions to improve outcomes for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder: A meta-analysis.  Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. 

Ohmer, M.L. (2022).  Consensus Organizing: Facilitating Community Change, in Rapp-McCall, L., Corcoran, K. & Roberts, B. (Editors), Social Workers' Desk Reference, 4th Edition. Oxford University Press.

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Ohmer, M.L. & Underwood, E. (2022).  Community Assessment in Macro Social Work Practice, in Mizrahi, T. & Bailey, D. (Editors), Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work. Oxford University Press.

Ohmer, M.L., Pearl, D. & Green, A. (2022). Research for Equity and Power (REP) Equitable Development Playbook: Hazelwood. University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work.

Mary Ohmer, Finkelstein, C., Durham, A., Melnick, A., & Dostilio, L. (2022). University-Community Engagement during a Pandemic: Moving Beyond “Helping” to Public Problem Solving. Metropolitan Universities Journal, COVID19-Innovations Through Crisis, 33(1), 81-91.

Shah, J., Jones, N., van Os, J., McGorry, P., & Guloksuz, S. (in press; 2022).  What shape might multi-level next-generation early intervention infrastructures for youth mental health take? Integrating pluripotentiality, staging, and transdiagnostic shifts. Lancet Psychiatry. 

Christopher Thyberg and Christina NewhillApplying critical race theory and risk and resilience theory to the school-to-prison pipeline: Theoretical frameworks for social workers. The Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare.

Christopher Thyberg  "Social Work Answers the (Video) Call: Tele-Behavioral Health Use During COVID-19" Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research

Christopher Thyberg and Brianna Lombardi: "Examining Racial Differences in Internalizing and Externalizing Diagnoses for Children Exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences" in the Clinical Social Work Journal.

Thomas, E. C., Nev Jones, Shern, D. L., & Salzer, M. S. (2022). Identifying indicators of community participation‐promoting efforts within coordinated specialty care: A modified e‐Delphi study of stakeholder perspectives. Early Intervention in Psychiatry

van der Ven, E., Jones, N., Bareis, N., Scodes, J. M., Dambreville, R., Ngo, H., ... & Wall, M. M. (2022). An intersectional approach to ethnoracial disparities in pathways to care among individuals with psychosis in Coordinated Specialty Care. Jama Psychiatry

Cortney VanHookPolice brutality, heightened vigilance, and the mental health of Black adults. Study published in the American Psychological Association's Psychology of Violence journal.

Wojtalik, J. A., Mesholam-Gately, R. I., Hogarty, S. S., Greenwald, D. P., Litschge, M. Y., Sandoval, L. R., Shashidhar, G., Guimond, S., Keshavan, M. S., & Eack, S. M.  (in press).  Confirmatory efficacy of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy for early course schizophrenia: Results from a multi-site randomized controlled trial.  Psychiatric Services. - still in press

Wojtalik, J.A., Flores, A.T., Keshavan, M.S., Eack, S.M.  (in press).  Premorbid sociality moderates social adjustment change during Cognitive Enhancement Therapy for adults with early schizophrenia.  Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. 

Woo, J., Shook, J., Goodkind, S., Ballentine, K., Engel, R., Kim, S., & Petracchi, H. (2022). Do Wage Increases Help? Wage Increases and Material Hardships among Low-Wage Hospital Workers. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 1-14. 

Woo, J., Ballentine, K., Shook, J., Engel, R., & Goodkind, S. (2022). Material hardships, perceived stress, and health among low-wage hospital workers. Health & Social Work, 47(10), 19-27. 

Xu, L., Tang, F., Chen, Y., & Dong, X. (2022). Acculturation and depressive symptoms among older Chinese immigrants in the United States: The roles of positive and negative social interactions. Aging and Mental Health. Published online Feb 11, 2022.  


Allan H., Rauktis M.E., Pennell J., Merkel-Holguin L., Crampton D. (2021) Family Meetings as a System Reform to Address Racial Disproportionality and Disparities. In: Dettlaff A.J. (eds) Racial Disproportionality and Disparities in the Child Welfare System. Child Maltreatment (Contemporary Issues in Research and Policy), vol 11. Springer, Cham. 

Ballentine, K. L., & Woo, J. (2021). Structural Equation Model of Emotional Labor, Work-Home Interaction, and Well-Being. Social Work Research, 45(4), 269-280. 

Daley, T., Jones, N., George, P., & Rosenblatt, A. (2021). First person accounts of change among young adults with a first episode of psychosis. Psychiatric Services. 

Goodkind, S., Gartner, R., Jacobs, L., Branson, D., King, J., Meaux, S., & Miller, E. (2021). Making AIMS explicit: Establishing intersectionality criteria for gender equity analyses. Social Work Research, 45(3), 169-186. 

Goodkind, S., & Bay-Cheng, L. Y. (2021). Are my pants lowering your test scores? Blaming girls and girls’ empowerment for the “boy crisis” in education. Youth & Society, 53(5), 745-763. 

Goodkind, S., Kim, M. E., Zelnick, J., Bay-Cheng, L. Y., Beltrán, R., Diaz, M., Gibson, M. F., Kanuha, K., Harrell, S., Moulding, N., Mountz, S., Sacks, T. K., Simon, B., Toft, J., & Walton, Q. L. (2021). Critical feminisms: Principles and practices for feminist inquiry in social work. Affilia, 36(4), 481-487. 

Goodkind, S., Gardner, R., Jacobs, L., Branson, D., King, J., Meaux, S., & Miller, E. (2021). Making AIMS explicit: Establishing intersectionality criteria for gender equity analyses. Social Work Research, 45(3), 169-186.

Humensky, J. L., Nossel, I., Bello, I., Malinovsky, I., Radigan, M., Gu, G., Jones, N. & Dixon, L. B. (2021). Rates of inpatient and emergency room use before and after discharge among Medicaid enrollees at OnTrackNY. Psychiatric Services,  

Jacobs, L. A., Fixler, A., Labrum, T., Givens, A., & Newhill, C. (2021). Risk Factors for Criminal Recidivism Among Persons With Serious Psychiatric Diagnoses: Disentangling What Matters for Whom. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12, 778399. 

Jacobs, L. A., & Booth, J. (2021). Teaching to Tech: A Quasi-Experimental Assessment of a Technology-Enhanced Social Work Course. Journal of Social Work Education.

Jacobson Lopez, D., Garcia, A., Engel, R., & Jackson, J. (2021).  Challenges and opportunities to recruiting and engaging with gay male Latino sexual assault survivors. Field Methods

Jang, H., Rauktis, M., & Tang, F. (2021). The quality of relationship with adult children and depressive symptoms among grandparents. Aging and Mental Health. Published online Nov 23, 2021. 

Jang, H. & Tang, F. (2021). Loneliness, Age at Immigration, Family Relationships, and Depression among Older Immigrants: A Moderated Relationship. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Published online Dec 15, 2021 

Jang, H., Tang, F. Fusco, R., Engel, R., & Albert, S. (2021). Grandparenting, Social Relations, and Mortality in Old Age. Research on Aging. Published online June 10, 2021 

H Jang, ME Rauktis, F Tang - Aging & mental health, 2021. The quality of relationships with adult children and depressive symptoms among grandparents

Jones, N., Gius, B.*, Shields, M., Florence, A., Watson, A., & Munson, M. (in press; 2021).  Youth and young adult accounts of interactions with police officers in the context of involuntary psychiatric hold initiation. Psychiatric Services.  

Jones, N., Kamens, S., Mascayano, F., Perry, C., Olowuye, D., Manseau, M.  & Compton, M. (2021). Structural disadvantage and culture, race & ethnicity in early intervention in psychosis services: International landscape and provider views. Psychiatric Services. 

Jones, N., Atterbury, L., Byrne, L., Carras, M., Hansen, M. & Phalen, P. (2021). Lived experience, research leadership and the transformation of mental health services: Building a pipeline. Psychiatric Services. 

Jones, N., Basaraba, C., Piscitelli, S., Jewell, T., Nossel, I., Bello, I., Mascayano, F., Marino, L., Wall, M. &  Dixon, L. (2021). Clients’ preferences for family involvement and subsequent family contact  patterns in Coordinated Specialty Care for early psychosis in New York State. Psychiatric Services. 

Jones, N. (2021). Service user leadership in priority setting: an end in itself as well as a means to an end. Journal of Mental Health, 1-2. 

Kim, M., Goodkind, S., & Zelnick, J. (2021). Critical feminist reflections on the Atlanta murders of March 16, 2021. Affilia, 36(3), 269-271. 

Kim, M. E., Zelnick, J. R., & Goodkind, S. (2021). Pandemics, protests, and feminist politics of resistance. Affilia, 36(1), 5-9. 

H Lee, ME Rauktis, RA Fusco - Social Work Education, 2021. Perceived stress and sleep quality among master's students in social work

Li, K. & Tang, F. (2021). The role of solitary activity in moderating the association between social isolation and perceived loneliness among U.S. older adults. Journal of Gerontological Social Work. 

Lombardi, B. M., Thyberg, C. T., & Bledsoe, S. E. (2021). Concordance of children’s adverse childhood experiences amongst child, caregiver, and caseworker. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 1-15. 

Lombardi, B. M., Zerden, L. D. S., & Thyberg, C. (2021). Social Work Answers the (VIDEO) Call: Tele-Behavioral Health Use During COVID-19

Lombardi, B., Greeno, C., Jacobs, L. A., & Gordon, J. (2021). Complex Service Needs of Emerging Adults Accessing Treatment for Co-Occurring Opioid and Mental Health Conditions. Social Work in Mental Health.

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Morgan, C., Dazzan, P., Gureje, O., Hanlon, C., Jones, N., Esponda, G. M., ... & Vasquez, A. (2021). Announcing the Lancet Psychiatry Commission on Psychoses in Global Context. The Lancet Psychiatry, 8(9), 743-744. 

Morrison, P., Goodkind, S., Holland, C., Cluss, P., Miller, E., George, D., Fleming, R., & Chang, J. (2021). Key components of the batterer intervention program process: An analysis of observational data from two-community based BIPs. Violence Against Women, 27(14) 2617-2641. 

MA Perry, ME Rauktis, H Cahalane - Journal of Public Child …, 2021. A principles-based approach to evaluating family engagement group strategies: Lessons from a IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project

ME Rauktis, J Hoy-Gerlach, CJR Sewall, H Lee. Anthrozoös, 2021.Preliminary findings of a ten-item scale to assess the commitment of low-income owners to their companion animals

Mulvaney, E.Petracchi, H., & Engel, R. (2021).  Lessons learned: Developing an undergraduate Hartford Partnership Program in Aging.  Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work. 26(1), 1-13.  

Roe, D., Jones, N., Hasson-Ohayon, I., & Zisman-Ilani, Y. (2021). Conceptualization and study of antipsychotic medication use: From adherence to patterns of use. Psychiatric Services. 

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Tang, F., Li, K., Jang, H., & Rauktis, M. E. (2021). Depressive Symptoms in the Context of Chinese Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren. Aging and Mental Health. Published online 

F Tang, K Li, H Jang, MB Rauktis - Aging & mental health, 2021. Depressive symptoms in the context of Chinese grandparents caring for grandchildren

*Tillman, H., *Huerta, C., Shook, J., *Williams, D., & Engel, R. (2021). Perceptions of human service organization leaders to raising the minimum wage. The Tropman Report.

Woo, J., Choi, H., & Engel, R. (2021). Economic stress and life satisfaction in retirement among Korean older adults: The roles of different types of social support. Journal of Gerontological Social Work.

Young, A., Goodkind, S., Zelnick, J. R., Kim, M. E., Harrell, S., & Toft, J. (2021). #IAmHer: Anjanette Young speaks truth to power. Affilia, 36(2), 129-139. 

Zelnick, J. R., Goodkind, S., & Kim, M. E. (2022). “It would be foolish to pretend that our jobs aren’t political”: Social workers organizing for power in the nonprofit sector. Affilia, 37(1), 5-12.

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