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Practicum Education is the School of Social Work's signature pedagogy and is intricately woven into the student's scholarship throughout the program.  The Practicum Education Office works with closely with students to ensure that their internships provide a classroom in the practicum experience; translating learning into direct application.

The practicum experience is divided into a generalist experience for 1st year MSW students and a specialization experience for 2nd year/advanced standing students.   The generalist experience focuses on the development of foundational social work practice and practicum placements focus on work with individuals, groups, families, organizations and communities (360 hours).   The specialization experience is divided into options for Direct Practice (DP) and Community, Organization and Social Action (COSA).  The Direct Practice specialization provides the skills a student needs to work with individuals, groups and families.  The Community Organization and Social Action specialization builds the skills needed to work with communities and organizations.  The specialization placement requires 720 practicum hours.

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