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Practicum Office Hours

See the complete Spring 2024 Practicum Education Office Hours Calendar for Faculty Liaisons, Practicum Instructors and Students

The office hours identified on the calendar are designed to provide you with an opportunity to get answers to general questions that include but are not limited to, the Practicum Experience, documentation and dates and times for submissions for Practicum Learning Plans and Evaluations and grading. You will be directed to the right person if you have questions or concerns that require more specific attention.    

The calendar contains a zoom link that can be used for all meetings.

Practicum Office Contact Information

The Practicum You can reach us by email Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Please see below for details about office hours and meeting details.

Tonya Teal Slawinski, Ph.D., LCSW, BCD, Director of Practicum Education, Practicum Assistant Professor | 412-648-4533 | 2128CL

Schedule an appointment with Tonya Slawinski

Deborah Robinson, MSW, LSW  Director of the Home and School Visitor Program, Practicum Assistant Professor | 412-624-3844 | 2112 CL 

Schedule an appointment with Deborah Robinson

Melvin C. Cherry, Jr.,  MSW, Practicum Assistant Professor | 412-624-6572 | 2112 CL

Schedule an appointment with Melvin Cherry

Amy DeGurian, MSW, LSW, Practicum Assistant Professor | 412-624-6033 | 2129 CL

To schedule an appointment please email Prof. DeGurian directly.

Alicia Melnick, MSW, LCSW,  Practicum Assistant Professor | 412-624-4071 | 2129 CL 

Schedule an appointment with Alicia Melnick

John Dalessandro, MSW, LSW,  Practicum Assistant Professor | 412-624-5969 | 2112 CL

Schedule an appointment with John Dalessandro.

Andrew Barrett, BA, Practicum Education Administrator | 2102 CL