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Spring 2024 Course List 

Healing Grief Through the Embodiment in the Transpersonal Realm

Friday, April 19th
4 CE Hours
Format: In Person
Location: 2017 Cathedral of Learning, 4200 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15260

1.Students will understand the intersection between grief and somatic embodiment. I will teach experiential exercises including and not limited to somatic embodiment practices, Nervous System Regulation tools, interpersonal attunement and IFS informed curiosity. 
2. I will summarize Transpersonal Grief and Embodiment. Current research will be sited by peer reviewed sources. Attendees will walk away having a broad understanding how the realm of Transpersonal Psychology can influence and support grief.
3.Role Modeling inquiry and curiosity as a facilitator will produce a culture of being present and being with or ‘presencing’ for another. Each trainee will walk away with an opportunity to feel heard, seen and met in vulnerability which leads to a sense of belonging.
4. I will offer a theoretical and historical context for transpersonal psychology. 
5. I will address the intersectionality of race, religion, cultures and sexual orientation in death and grieving practices. 
6. I will offer a framework for Mental Health upkeep, citing the pillars of mental health.
7. Experiential practice will allow a deepening of awareness of the grief each student carries and wisdom in exploring themselves to provide a wider depth of compassion to their future grieving clients. 

Sara Feley got her Undergraduate Degree in East Lansing and worked with grieving children throughout her undergraduate career. She found her passion for working with people in the existential realm through grief. Upon graduation, she worked in the wilderness therapy industry. She saw the healing and transformative effect of being in nature and community. Soon after, she sought out a Transpersonal Psychology program and graduated from CIIS in San Francisco, CA. She immersed herself in the transpersonal realm with insight meditation, diamond approach, and zen practices while grounding her practice in the Soma with Gestalt and a YTT 200 hour yoga therapy training simultaneously. While doing her own intra and interpersonal work, she was introduced to EMDR. She became enthralled with nervous system regulation contextualizing her and her client's experience through the Polyvagal theory. She became interested in extending that healing via getting trained in PACT therapy for couples and family systems. She utilizes somatic experience to create an internal sense of safety. She is IFS informed, trained in Cranial Sacral Therapy and pursuing somatic training regularly. She creates an environment of openness curiosity. She is committed to teaching, learning and being an active member of social justice in the community. In her free time she likes to volunteer, spend time in nature, engage in joyful movement, play music, spend time with community and play with her sweet dog. 

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