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woman speaking into a microphoneThe Continuing Education Program offers specialized training by local experts in the topical areas that social workers want and need to learn in order to best serve their clients and organizations.

The Social Work Code of Ethics requires continuing education as part of lifelong professional development for social workers. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the Council on Social Work Education—which accredits the School of Social Work—both prioritize continuing education. The University of Pittsburgh and its School of Social Work has also made continuing education a strategic priority.  To learn more about social work licensing and biennial continuing education requirements, visit the Pennsylvania Board of Examiners website. This site and the CE program office will help guide you in your social work professional development.

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The following training opportunities are currently available Feb-April:

  • Online Webinar Series "Nonprofit Legal Issues 101"
  • Online Webinar Series "Mastering the Art and Science of Evidence-Bases Emotional Freedom Techniques"
    • An increasing number of studies demonstrate the utility of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) application for assessing clients and a treatment plan of clinical care. EFT has been found to be an evidenced based mind-body treatment getting to the cause of the disorder. This webinar is an introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques as used in a clinical setting
  • Public Policy & Advocacy: Underutilized Assets of Social Workers
    • Two of the most underutilized tools that are available to social workers and every citizen in this country are studying the impact of policy on an “issue of concern” and advocating for changes in those policies if they act as barriers to resolving the issue. This seminar will help you research the policies impacting your issues of concern and develop advocacy strategies for change in those policies.
  • Clinical Supervision Institute (two day training)
    • The Clinical Supervision Institute will address issues relevant for those seeking supervision for advanced clinical licensure and those seeking to provide such supervision.This two-day institute will address Pennsylvania licensing regulations along with the contractual relationship between supervisee and supervisor through lecture, discussion and role plays.
  • Trauma and Healing: Working with Body and Energy Work
    • In this workshop, a working knowledge of the Gestalt physical process and Brennan Healing Science will be pre-sented Participants will learn a way of assessing trauma through the lens of physical process and energy work This workshop utilizes lecture, discussion, and hands-on expe-rientials to help facilitate the learning for each participant.
  • Working with Women and Body Image
    • Most women in this country are unhappy with their bodies.Body insecurity has been linked to anxiety, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and lower academic achievement.This workshop will review the difficulties women face in creating and maintaining a positive body image. Attendees will learn ways to help clients build resilience to unrealistic body expectations.
  • Understanding the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on the Black Community
    • This workshop is designed to bring awareness of the impact ACEs have on children, family, and communities by enhancing the knowledge of the attendees on the recognition and interventions to prevent long-term negative effects including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Ethical Dilemmas, Barriers, and Solutions Related to Serving the Older Adult Population
    • This presentation will provide an overview of ethical dilemmas and solutions when working with the older adult population in social services. Throughout the presentation, common mental health diagnoses, myths and truths, and treatment will be presented.
  • Clinical Hypnosis
    • Come and learn about the standard inductions of clinical hypnosis utilized to guide individuals into a trance and how daily life offers the opportunity to use this unique intervention with clients as well.Key concepts of hypnosis, standard inductions, and the efficacy thereof will be discussed along with a video of a session.

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