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Generalist Curriculum

The generalist curriculum is designed to provide all incoming master's students with the basic values, knowledge, and skills needed to gain competence in applying the generalist social work perspective to practice. An understanding of the profession's values orientation, history and philosophy, and frames of reference for practice establishes a basis for students to progress through the MSW Program's advanced concentration curricula. All MSW students must complete the MSW Generalist requirements listed below unless they are exempted via advanced standing credit or testing.

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Required Generalist Courses

SWRES 2021 Generalist Social Work Research 3 crs.

SWGEN 2034 Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations 3 crs.

SWBEH 2063 Human Behavior and the Social Environment 3 crs.

SWWEL 2081 Social Welfare 3 crs.

SWGEN 2098 Generalist Social Work Practice 3 crs.

SWGEN 2099 Generalist Field Education 6 crs.

Curriculum Guide