Social Work Minor

Minor Requirements

As of Fall 2021, the Social Work Minor requires the successful (grade of C- or better) completion of 15 social work credits.  If you declared the minor prior to Fall 2021, you must successfully complete 12 credits. 

  1. Register with the BASW and PhD Program Assistant Emmett Mix who will add the social work minor to the student’s academic record.
  2. Complete (with a grade of C- or better) 15 credits from the following list of courses:
  • SOCWRK 1000: Introduction to Social Work (Required for all subsequent courses with the exception of SOCWRK 1005.) This is a service-learning course and requires 45 hours of volunteer service. Offered Fall and Spring Terms
  • SOCWRK 1005: Foundations of the Welfare State (offered in Fall Term) 
  • SOCWRK 1006: Policy Analysis (pre-requisites SOCWRK 1000 & SOCWRK 1005; offered in Spring Term.) This is a service-learning course and requires 45 hours of volunteer service. 
  • SOCWRK 1035: Global Perspectives in Social Work (offered in Spring Term) 
  • SOCWRK 1040: Poverty and Income Inequality: Social Responses (offered in Spring Term) 
  • SOCWRK 1050: Race and Social Problems (offered in Fall Term)
  • SOCWRK 1058: Economics and Social Work (offered in Fall Term) 
  • SOCWRK 1059: Child and Family Advocacy (offered in Fall Term) 
  • SOCWRK 1063: African-American Health Issues (offered in Fall Term) 
  • SOCWRK 1079: Child Welfare Services (offered in both Fall and Spring Terms) 

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better  

The Social Work Minor is available to all Pitt students! 

For more information, contact BASW and PhD Program Assistant Emmett Mix

Social Work Minor Flyer (PDF)

Browne Leadership Fellows Program

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