Project Descriptions and Implementation

Mixed race family at home

The intent of the CWEB and CWEL initiatives is to provide programs which will make undergraduate and graduate social work education available to qualified, prospective public child welfare workers and current county child welfare agency employees throughout Pennsylvania. Thus, these programs address both the recruitment and retention problems that currently exist in child welfare and encourage prospective and current child welfare practitioners to pursue academic degrees that will prepare them for child welfare practice in Pennsylvania consistent with the best practice models available. It also increases the number of trained staff in many of the child welfare agencies; provides a critical mass of professional staff to set the tone and standards for good and effective practice; contributes a major ingredient necessary to provide a career ladder so essential to staff retention; and provides a reservoir of personnel from which to draw future supervisors and administrators. Thus, the CWEB and CWEL programs make professional social work education available and accessible throughout Pennsylvania by utilizing seventeen (17) of Pennsylvania’s accredited social work schools, departments and programs.

CWEB/CWEL Project Descriptions and Implementation

Project year 2023-2024