Faculty and Staff Resources

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Adjunct Faculty

Find all the information you need in the Adjunct Faculty Handbook »

Contact Us

Main Office Phone Number: 412-624-6304

Fax Number: 412-624-6323

Mailing Address:    

School of Social Work
2117 Cathedral of Learning
Pittsburgh, PA  15260

General Operations

Director of Administration: Megan Soltesz, (412) 383-0515, mms34@pitt.edu

Payroll and Personnel Coordinator: Michael Jasek, 412-624-6327, msj15@pitt.edu

IT support and computer questions:  Frank Puchalski, 412-624-3195, franksp@pitt.edu 

Academic Offices

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs:  Dr. Helen Pettrachi, hpssw@pitt.edu

Associate Dean for Research: Dr. Jaime Booth, jmbooth@pitt.edu

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Dr. Kyaien O. Conner, koc25@pitt.edu

MSW Program Director: Dr. Yodit Betru, ykb2@pitt.edu, 412-624-6387

BASW Program Director:  Dr. Toya Jones, toyaj@pitt.edu, 412-648-9306

PhD Program Director: Dr. Sara Goodkind, sara.goodkind@pitt.edu, 412-648-9432

Director of Field Education:  Dr. Tonya Slawinski, 412-648-4533, tslawin@pitt.edu

Admissions and Financial Aid: Henry Cantu, hmc60@pitt.edu

Other Information

Information about Child Protection Clearances »