Student Advising System

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When admitted, new BASW Majors are assigned an advisor by the BASW Program director (students completing the Social Work Minor maintain their academic advisor in their current college or school). Incoming BASW Majors meet their assigned faculty advisor at the school’s orientation, which is held prior to the start of fall semester. Incoming students are then encouraged to make an appointment with their faculty advisor during the first three to four weeks of the term. Each advisor will work with his or her advisee to clarify educational options, answer questions about the BASW Program, and discuss career opportunities. When students enroll for Practicum Seminar I and the concurrent Practicum Seminar and Lab I, the seminar and lab instructor in the section the student chooses becomes his or her faculty advisor for the remainder of their enrollment in the BASW Program. Faculty advisors should be the first point of contact for any or all of the following:

Registration including add/drop, leaves of absence, and withdrawals;

Clarification of all academic policies and procedures (i.e., grading policies, graduation requirements, directed study);

Discussions regarding academic expectations and performance;

Information about other departments and/or programs in the School of Social Work or the University of Pittsburgh;

Planning of the student’s educational program in accordance with his or her career interests.

Practicum seminar and lab instructors who become the student’s faculty advisor also serve as the field liaison to the BASW student’s senior field placement (Practicum I and Practicum II). Grades for field work are submitted by the BASW faculty advisor in his or her capacity as field liaison (in consultation with the agency-based field instructor). Please refer to the BASW Field Education Student Handbook for further information related to practicum.