Student Advising System

Students laughing

In the senior year of enrollment in the BASW program, students attend the Practicum Seminar & Lab course which centers the field experience and gives dedicated space and time to discuss the social work profession and provides mentoring and coaching in real time: thus, in the senior year, advising is integrated with practice, class, field and professional experience.

Professional advising can occur both formally and informally. Formal methods include structured one-on-one meetings, seminars set up by affiliated centers and programs, and specialized course offerings. Informal methods include open office hours, discussions before and after classes, and conversation about field placement experiences. Both formal and informal methods create space for students to practice professional behavior outlined in the Standards of Professional and Ethical Behavior in and out of the classroom, at their field sites, and in the community. Faculty, staff, field supervisors, alumni, and experts in the student’s area of interest all provide professional advising and model social work values in each interaction.