Co-sponsorship and Collaboration


Thank you for your interest in the School of Social work co-sponsoring a training workshop or conference program. If you would like us to consider accrediting your training for continuing education credits for licensed social workers, professional counselors, or marriage and family therapists, please review the process below. Also make sure to read our Co-Sponsorship Policy and then fill out a co-sponsorship application, directly below. Co-sponsorship allows us to accredit your trainings if they meet certain requirements. 

Co-Sponsorship Process

Step 1: All training requests should be submitted using the link titled Co-Sponsorship Application and Letter Agreement Form on this page. We will need the following materials listed:

  • Time Agenda or Course Outline
  • Learning objectives (2 per hour of training) 
    • All objectives must be written using S.M.A.R.T guidelines (specific, measurable, relevant, attainable, timely)
    • ExampleBy the end of the training, participants will be able to identify three decision-making skills in personal, school, and community contexts as evidenced by the training post test. 
  • Training presentation (PDF format) or description of presentation 
  • Program handouts (if any)
  • List of outside resources or references being used for the training (if any)
  • Presenter(s) bios/resumes
  • An evaluation component for the training (ex. a blank survey)

Please also note that all submissions must be a member or our educational network (see details below), and affiliated with the Pitt School of Social Work. 

Step 2: Within 10 days you will receive an email from the Director of Professional Education with an attached signed and approved CE request form. This is sent upon approval to the program contact listed on the application form. If the training is not approved for any reason, the Director will reach out to explain why and gather more information.

Step 3: You hold your training/workshop. 

Step 4: Submit all post-training materials using the second link on this page that is titled, CE Paperwork Submission Form after your training has been completed. This will include a spreadsheet containing the social work attendees' full name, email addresses, hours completed, as well as an evaluation and posttest summary. 

Step 5: There is a cost of $15 per certificate requested. Payment is accepted by credit card (preferred) or check from the organization only. We also accept interdepartmental transfers through internal organizations within the University of Pittsburgh as well as payment transfers from UPMC vendors. All payment processes are now self serve and credit card payments can be processed automatically, however if you have any questions about this process please contact our office. **Please note that we only take bulk payments strictly from the organization hosting the program and will not process individual payments from participants needing certificates. 

Step 6: After payment information has been collected, The program coordinator will email certificates to all attendees on the submitted spreadsheet within 3-5 business days of submission. 

Please click on the links below to access the following forms. Feel free to reach out to Molly or Shana with any clarifying questions on this process! 

Co-Sponsorship Application and Letter of Agreement Form

Use this form to apply for CE accreditation for your training program.

CE Paperwork Submission Form

Use this form to submit all of your after-training materials.

If we are not able to co-sponsor your program for any reason, please feel free to contact the Pennsylvania Board of Social Work, Professional Counseling, and Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners. The Board requires a minimum 90-day lead time to approve programs, and there is a $25 dollar application fee. Individual social workers may also apply to the board for continuing education approval for programs of interest only to that individual, e.g., an out-of-town conference or training, that you would like to attend and have approved for your continuing education. To learn more about social work licensing and biennial continuing education requirements, visit the Pennsylvania Board of Examiners website.

Our Educational Network

The Continuing Education Program works collaboratively within its University and social service networks to co-sponsor a range of local, regional, state, and national programs, workshops, and conferences to help ensure quality professional development opportunities for social workers and other helping professionals. We use the resources of the School of Social Work and University faculty and staff, as well as draw on local, regional, and national practitioners with strong expertise in timely and emerging issues and skills.

The School of Social Work’s educational network represents other schools and divisions within the University of Pittsburgh and the UPMC Health System, as well as field agencies and other organizations for which the School’s faculty and staff serve in advisory or governance capacity or for which faculty and staff serve in key roles in planning and presenting training programs or conferences. These may include regional, state, and national conferences for which the School’s continuing education co-sponsorship may provide pre-approved continuing education for social workers in other states.

Act 31 Online Training

The School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh through its Child Welfare Resource Center and Continuing Education Program offers Act 31 Online Training. You can register for the ACT 31 online training here. Please refer any questions regarding the on-line training to the PA Child Welfare Resource Center. Technical assistance may be requested by e-mailing or calling 717-605-0236 option #4. 

*NOTE TO PHARMACISTS taking our PA-Approved Act 31 Child Abuse Recognition and Report online training course: Because the child abuse continuing education is Board-approved, not ACPE-approved, information on the completion of the child abuse program is not imported into the CPE Monitor.  Rather, the Board of Pharmacy will electronically receive notice of the completion of the child abuse continuing education directly from the Board-approved child abuse program provider.  The information will be recorded in your pharmacist license record rather than the CPE Monitor.