Incoming Students FAQs


  1. How do I pay my deposit?
    1. Visit and click the admissions tab. It will prompt you to accept or decline. Once you accept, it will prompt you to pay online. If you cannot find your log in, call the Pitt help desk: 412-624-HELP (4357).
    2. Due Date to pay deposit: May 15, 2020

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  1. What if I would like to defer my enrollment for Fall 2020?
    1. Please email Jessalynn Oliver stating you wish to defer. (

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  1. What happens after I deposit?
    1. After you pay the tuition deposit, you’ll get an email from Pitt’s help desk assigning you your Pitt email address
      1. Check your junk mailbox; it often gets filtered into junk
    2. Please pay attention to your Pitt email account once you officially deposit. You will begin to receive important information about setting up your field placement then later (early June), registering for classes. During this time, the Student Services team works diligently to ensure everyone is set up for all program aspects.

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  1. What’s with all of this field placement stuff?
    1. After you deposit, you’ll get pertinent information about field (emailed); online forms to complete; then a field rep will reach out to you a few weeks after completing the forms. 
      1. Advanced standing (completed BSW/BASW degree from an accredited school within 7 years) are contacted sooner than non-advanced standing students.
      2. Once you complete the online field request form (which again you’ll get 24-48 hrs after depositing—check junk mailbox as it sometimes gets filtered), the Field Office will reach out to you within in a few weeks.
    2. Field will be thoroughly addressed during Orientation in August; and the Field Office will be present as well to help.

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  1. When should I do FAFSA?
    1. Complete as soon as possible.  However, this can be completed over the course of the Summer prior to the start of Fall Term so it is fine if you deposit and start the process late.
    2. University of Pittsburgh Federal School Code: 008815
    3. Everyone in graduate programs is awarded a set amount of slightly more than $20,000 which is applied evenly over the academic Fall and Spring Terms, unless you direct OAFA otherwise. If you don’t need all of financial aid award, try to make the smartest financial decision for yourself, as you aren’t required to take the whole amount. Keep in mind that interest will accrue with these loans while you’re enrolled in classes.
    4. Amounts get “packaged” for graduate students in June/July

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  1. What else can I do for funding?
    1. We encourage you to look at our website, as there are numerous stipend fellowships available, in addition to documents with various external scholarship opportunities.
    2. Scholarships and Fellowships Link:

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  1. How much is tuition?
    1. This differs by year and school within the University. So, if you are a joint degree student, pay close attention to different school rates (you get charged the tuition rate for the primary school-most credits enrolled). These are typically announced during the Summer months- most often during July. They will be announced by the University Financial Aid Department (Not Social Work) and applied to your Pitt Pay account.
    2. Rates differ by residency status (in-state/out-of-state) and full-time/part-time
    3. Link for more information:
    4. 2022-2023 academic year rates (2022-2023):


Full Time/ year

Full Time/ Term

Part Time/ Per credit

In State




Out of State






Residency information/petitioning:

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  1. What will my course sequencing look like?
    1. This differs based on if you are a full-time (FT), part-time (PT), Advanced Standing (AS), or non-AS student.
    2. Please look at our MSW Handbook, which can be found on our website under Academics and Polices & Handbooks.
      1. Link: 
    3. Per the document table of contents, this information begins on page 20, and is sorted by student status, DP or COSA, AS status, etc.
    4. Information about certificates and joint degrees are immediately following these sections.
    5. Your academic advisor can help guide you. But, also ensure you are following the handbook and policies.

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9.I still need to send my transcripts- what do I do?

  1. Friendly reminder, do NOT send to the University OAFA. You need to send to the School of Social Work Office of Admissions, and clearly outline this if you are physically mailing. If it goes to Office of Admissions & Financial Aid (OAFA), we will not receive it.
  2. If physically mailed, it must be official and sent/sealed directly from the School’s Registrar.
  3. Can send an official transcript electronically to Ms. Oliver if your school has this option.

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10.What do I do if my degree is not yet conferred and I want to enroll in classes?

  1. When you request transcripts, you’ll need to click the box indicating “hold for degree conferral”.
  2. If your degree conferral won’t happen until the end of August, the SSW will need a signed letter sent directly from your registrar to the SSW Office of Admissions indicating the successful completion of all degree requirements.
    1. After the degree is conferred, we must receive an official transcript showing the degree conferral date.

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11.What if I am a joint degree student?

  1. You need to apply to each school separately. E.g., if I am applying for MSW/GSPIA, I need to apply to each program separately, following each school’s respective application process.
    1. Please note, this often means submitting materials separately to each school as they are not permitted to share applicant materials such as references and transcripts.
  2. To determine tuition and courses, you need to speak with your academic advisors, and/or each joint degree representative present in both schools.
    1. These contacts in the School of Social Work can be found for each joint program here:
    2. Please make sure you are communicating with individuals in the other school as well.

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12.Stats Prerequisite Requirement?

  1. Over the level of 100, 3 or more credits, Stats/Quantitative, taken at an accredited College/University
  2. We must receive an official transcript indicating successful completion of the Statistics prerequisite prior to start of Fall Term

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13.How do I register for classes?

  1. You will register for classes in June/July online with detailed instructions provided from the registrar.

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14.When will I hear from my assigned advisor?

  1. You will be assigned this person at new student orientation in August.

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  1. If you want to petition for in state residency, the website for that info is here: They can answer any residency related questions.
  1. Scholarships/Fellowships

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16. Where can I find important contact information and phone numbers?

Important Contacts and Phone Numbers





Areas of Expertise

Jessalynn Oliver

Recruitment and Enrollment Manager, Ombudsperson


-Admissions process



Leah Mafrica

Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator

-Admissions Process 


Yodit Betru

MSW Program Director


-MSW Program

Toya Jones

BASW Program Director


-BASW Program 

Tonya Slawinski

Director of Field Education


-Field Education

Cally Prutting

MSW/MPH Candidate, Graduate Assistant


-Student experience with joint degree, IHC Certificate, & Baker Fellowship


University of Pittsburgh department numbers/ links that you may find to be useful

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (FAFSA): 412-624-7488,

Disability Resources and Services: 412-648-7890

Off-Campus Living:

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