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The BASW Club is designed to promote and enhance the development of the academic and social aims and interests of the students in the BASW Program. The BASW Club also promotes student and community interest in and interaction with the School of Social Work. The BASW Club has no dues. When students are accepted into the BASW major they are automatically members of the BASW Club.  Students who are social work minors or are considering social work as a profession may attend meetings and be involved in activities, but are NOT considered to be voting members of the BASW Club.

The BASW Club is led by an executive board, elected annually, comprised of the following positions; President, Vice President, Secretary, Social Chair, Junior Representative (2), and a Business Manager.

The BASW program encourages student participation in all academic committees that serve to formulate and modify school-related policies in partnership with the BASW Club. BASW students serve on the following committees:

  1. Academic and Professional Behavior Review Committee
  2. Admissions Committee
  3. BASW Program Committee
  4. Inclusion and Diversity Committee
  5. Planning and Budget Committee

To learn more, read the Constitution of the BASW Club.

For more information on student activities visit our Facebook page or Instagram @Pittbaswclub or Group Me or email

You can learn more about the hundreds of student clubs and organizations, including the BASW Club by visiting the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)

BASW Club Leadership 2021-2022 

PRESIDENT - Ellyana Gomez 

VICE PRESIDENT - Eve Scharfenberg 

SECRETARY - Avery Bazell   

BUSINESS MANAGER - Macaiah Thaxton 

SOCIAL CHAIR - January Sholly