BASW Field Education

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Field education is an integral part of the social work curriculum for the BASW and MSW Programs. In 2008, and reaffirmed in 2015, the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) designated Field Education as the Signature Pedagogy where the classroom and the field integrate. Learn more about the new CSWE Competencies

Students participate in experiential and integrative learning in affiliated community organizations so that they can apply to real life practice situations what they have learned in the classroom. This experience additionally prepares students for the professional position they will assume in the marketplace after graduation. Students learn under the supervision of a qualified field instructor and with the support of a field advisor and liaison from the School of Social Work.

The importance of the role of the field instructor as teacher, guide, challenger, and role model to the student cannot be underestimated. Field instructors perform these responsibilities on a voluntary basis, often to give back what they were given and to continue to remain current and challenged in their thinking about the practice role they perform and the social issues they face in their work with individuals, families, small groups, neighborhoods, communities, and organizations. No two field instructor or student experiences are identical, but there are threads of commonality in all field placement experiences.

The information on this site is to assist students and field instructors as they prepare for, engage in, and complete the field placement experience. There is also information for those who would like to consider becoming an affiliated site or a potential field instructor.

Students interested in a specialized program and field placement can learn more about some of the School of Social Work's BASW programs:

BASW Request for Field Placement and Confirmation Forms

* Please allow for a few days of processing. A field coordinator will contact you.

** Only use Adobe Acrobat to fill out the forms. Download Adobe Reader. Paper submissions should be delivered to room 2127 Cathedral of Learning. 

Students and Field Instructors individually need to return Confirmation Forms (see below) before a field placement is confirmed by the School. They should be submitted to room 2127 Cathedral of Learning. Students need to confirm their field placement schedule with their Field Instructor at the beginning of August. Students do not begin field placement until they have met with the instructor in the Practicum Seminar and Lab class.

BASW Field Education Schedule, Information, and Handbook

Field Learning Plans and Evaluation Documents

  • The Office of Field Education will be providing each student a unique link to their electronic Learning Plans (beginning of the term) and Evaluation plus the Time Sheet documents (about 7 weeks before the end of the term) for all students for all terms starting Summer Semester 2017.
  • Each student will receive an individualized link for the Field Learning Plan and Field Evaluation respectively to their Pitt Email Account (see an example of this email). The student is responsible for sharing this link with their Field Instructor (see outline of guidelines).
  • As you work on these documents, your progress will be automatically saved, however it is important that you save the link that was sent to you in order to return to your Field Learning Plan or Evaluation plus the Time Sheet.
  • All documents will be signed electronically within the forms and submitted electronically. The signature of your filed liaison will be secured by the Field Office after you submit the document to the Office of Field Education.
  • Please contact your field coordinator(the person who matched you to a field site) in the Office of Field Education or the Administrative Assistant for the Office of Field Education Ms. Riley A. Riley at with any questions regarding this process and/or these forms.

Example Field Learning Plans and Evaluations 

  • These documents are meant to be used by Field Instructors and their students to brainstorm applicable tasks and activities by providing good examples from previous successful Field Learning Plans. 
  • BASW Learning Plan Example
  • These documents are meant to be used by Field Instructors and their students to show constructive evaluations as good examples from past successful students.
  • Downloadable copies of BASW Evaluations COMING SOON.