Writing Coach

Penny Miller

The School of Social Work writing coach is available to all students who would like support and guidance with school-related writing assignments.  The goal of a writing coach is to help students become better writers through practice, example, and discussion.   The writing coach can help students at any stage of the writing process including:

  • Getting started: review and understand their assignment instructions and brainstorm a strategy and timeline for completing the assignment;
  • Reviewing drafts: organization, clarity, cohesion, incorporating quotes, citing sources, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation;
  • Revisiting assumptions: rules they learned in school that may or not apply now, ensure that their writing is fulfilling the assignment and their professor’s expectations;
  • Finalizing a draft.

While students often wish that a writing coach would simply point out and correct their “errors,” that would be editing and not coaching.  The point of coaching is to contribute to a writer’s development, helping students become more proficient writers and editors of their own work.  For this reason, students are encouraged to contact the writing coach as soon as they can and well before their assignment is due.

How to contact the writing coach:

  1. Students are welcome to send an email to the writing coach.
  2. Instructors are welcome to refer a student by emailing the coach and copying the student.