Students talking

New MSW students meet their assigned advisor at the school’s orientation, which is held before the start of the fall semester. In most instances, the advisor follows the student throughout the MSW Program. Each advisor will work with her or his advisees to clarify educational options, to answer questions about the MSW Program, and to identify career opportunities.

Advisors are to be the first point of contact for any or all of the following:

  • Registration (including add/drop, leaves of absence, and withdrawals);
  • Change of concentration and selection of specialization or certificate programs;
  • Clarification of all academic policies and procedures (i.e., advanced standing and exemption, graduation requirements, grading policies, directed study);
  • Discussions regarding academic expectations and performance;
  • Information about other departments and/or programs within both the School of Social Work and the University of Pittsburgh;
  • Planning the educational program in accordance with career interests.

In addition, the advisor may serve as the liaison to the student’s field placement, particularly during the concentration field experience. Grades for fieldwork are submitted by the field liaison (in consultation with the agency-based field instructor).