MSW Concentration Field Learning Plan

The Competency Based Concentration Field Learning Plan is used by the advanced standing and second-year graduate student. This plan builds on the foundation experience but emphasizes the development of specialist skills in either the Direct Practice or COSA concentration in a setting that is specific to a specialization or certificate program if the student has so registered.

Students starting a new concentration Field Placement will use the Compentency Based Learning Plan.

Students are expected to obtain the Field Learning Plan and participate with their field instructor in developing and implementing it. The concentration field learning plan will be reviewed during the orientation seminar for advanced standing and second year students. The completed plan is to be returned to Field Education, 2005 CL approximately one month after the field placement has begun. Students at UPB and UPJ return the completed plan to the MSW Program Coordinator. Only the Direct Practice concentration is available at the Johnstown and Bradford campuses.

The same plan is usually used for the first term and second term; however, the field instructor and student are asked to update the plan at the beginning of the second term. Field liaisons use the plan as a basis for discussion during their visit to the field placement. Advanced standing students use the plan for two terms, but are expected to update it each term.


To review concentration competency based learning plans please see the below list:

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