Research and Training

The University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work strives to produce research that changes lives. Consistently ranked among the top schools for faculty scholarship and research productivity, the program advocates for a society that respects the dignity and achievement of all individuals, families, and communities through its educational, research, and public service activities.

Our faculty are exploring areas such as community –based participatory research, mental health, gerontology, and health disparities. In order for their work to have the most positive impact, the School endeavors to make research available to communities.

The School is also a national leader in administering comprehensive statewide child welfare training, education, and research projects with such partners as the United States Administration for Children and Families and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

In addition, the School has taken a leading role in race-related research with its Center on Race and Social Problems (CRSP), the first race-related research center to be housed in a school of social work in the nation. CRSP is one of few research centers with a direct focus on racial issues through research implementation, and now hosts the Race Research Online Directory, a searchable database that contains hundreds of videos, publications, and other center information—a treasure trove of data helpful for research, grant preparation, and teaching.

We offer exciting opportunities for young researchers, as well as a comprehensive perspective on mentoring.  

You can learn more about the School of Social Work’s research by reviewing our faculty pages.