Continuing Education

On the Artificiality of Conflict: Emotional Process in SystemsNow Online!
Through the lens of Bowen Family Systems Theory, this presentation will discuss how conflicts arise and escalate in family and other systems. The fundamental concepts of the theory will be presented. Implications for clinical praxis will be part of this focus. This training is appropriate for those new as well as those with previous exposure to the theory.

Practical Tips for Assessing and Working with Suicidal Teens-Now Online!
This program will focus on the assessment and intervention of suicidal thoughts in young adults. We will discuss cultural influences on reporting suicidal thoughts and how to address them. The first hour will cover methods of assessment, focusing on specific questions to ask and understanding barriers to reporting suicidal thoughts.

Clinical Hypnosis-Now Online!
Come and learn about the standard inductions of clinical hypnosis utilized to guide individuals into a trance and how daily life offers the opportunity to use this unique intervention with clients as well.Key concepts of hypnosis, standard inductions, and the efficacy thereof will be discussed along with a video of a session.

Working with Women and Body Image - Now Online!
Most women in this country are unhappy with their bodies.Body insecurity has been linked to anxiety, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and lower academic achievement.This workshop will review the difficulties women face in creating and maintaining a positive body image. Attendees will learn ways to help clients build resilience to unrealistic body expectations.