Continuing Education


Instructor: Curtis Miller, MSW, LSW

Description: This course will offer a close examination of historical context and systemic barriers in the helping professions. We will discuss the implications of these systemic oppressions on both mental/behavioral health professionals and their clients. The course will equip learners with a working knowledge of challenges in the field as well as tools to engage in meaningful self-care.


Instructor: Nev Jones PhD

Description: Hearing voices and related experiences, such as changes in vision and perception, as well as unusual beliefs, remain deeply stigmatized and there are often few opportunities to meet with others with similar experiences and engage in meaning-centered exploration with clinicians. This webinar will introduce clinicians to the hearing voices movement and allied meaning-centered approaches, with a focus on the value of meaning making and positive identity development.


Instructor: Cory Coppersmith, LCSW

Description:  Sex in social work is generally considered guilty until proven innocent, or an afterthought unless our clients bring it up as a problem. Sex positive social work attempts to highlight the ways in which, for most of us, sexuality is a vital part of our self concept, relationships, self esteem, and satisfaction in life. This training aims to give clinicians the perspective and tools to perform a sexual history assessment, employ sex-positive approaches in therapy.


Instructor: Deshawn Hawkins, MSW & Qur-an Webb, MSW

Description: We will discuss how athletes, as a group, are generally a more vulnerable and susceptible population who are more prone to mental health issues whether by injury or environmental factors and have more prevalent social work-related needs. We will also further discuss implicit bias, and the differences between equality and equity, what do equitable practices look like.


Instructor: Ms. Suzanne Rubinetti, LCSW

Description: This lecture-based training will contain a comprehensive understanding of the overlap of eating disorder behaviors and obsessive compulsive disorder. Participants will learn the significant areas in these overlap disorders and how that greatly affects treatment goals.



Instructor: Courtney Kubovcik, LSW

Description: This training will introduce the underlying theories of the Integrative Approaches to treatment (e.g., Daoism, Buddhism, Systems theory), as well as familiarize practitioners with specific engagement strategies to facilitate change in clients' lives and assessment tools for understanding the root cause of mental illness and disease


Instructor: Tanika Johnson, Ed.D., M.A., LPC-MHSP, LMHC, NCC, BC-TMH, CCTP,

This three part workshop series includes three separate continuing education workshop sessions occurring on Febraury, 10th, 17th, and 24th. Each session will explore the subject of childhood grief and loss as well as adoloescent grief and loss. The session topics include, Childhood Grief and Tragic Loss: Too Young to Say Goodbye, Adolescent Grief and Tragic Loss: Too Young to Say Goodbye and Gun Violence and Tragic Loss: Grief Support for Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults.