DP Integrated Healthcare Certificate

Medical students

The DP Integrated Healthcare Certificate (IHC) prepares graduate social work students specializing in direct practice with the knowledge and skills necessary to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities in a variety of institutional and community-based health-related settings.  With a focus on leadership and advocacy, the goal of the certificate program is to increase the number of students focused on health and social work. 

Master’s level social work training (MSW), along with a DP Certificate in Integrated Healthcare, provides the knowledge and skills to work in a variety of integrated health care settings.  Students completing the DP Integrated Healthcare Certificate Program will have a deeper understanding of the relationship between behavioral health (i.e., mental health, substance use) and physical health.  New opportunities abound in health care for social workers trained in an interdisciplinary approach who are prepared to bridge the gap between health care providers and patient needs within a coordinated system of care.

Students interested in integrated healthcare may also apply for:

  1. The Behavioral Health Scholars Program offers students the opportunity to become an expert in interprofessional prevention and treatment services for children, adolescents, and transitional-aged youth with behavioral health needs. This program provides a $10,000 stipend during the concentration field placement year. 
  2. The Roth Fellowship is designed to offer student experience working in interdisciplinary teams (for example, Pediatrics, Gerontology, Maternal Health, etc.) at the UPMC Health Plan addressing and mitigating the social determinants of health

Required Courses

The sequence of courses required in this area of focus provides the advanced knowledge and skills needed by social workers to help individuals and families maintain good health, prevent negative health status outcomes, and manage the psychosocial components of health and well-being. Students must complete all specialization requirements as well as those of the IHC Program.  Therefore, in addition to taking Models of Intervention (SWINT 2082); an Advanced Practice course in cognitive-behavioral (SWINT 2031), social systems (SWINT 2032), or psychodynamics (SWINT 2033) approaches; a second-level research course; and electives, students seeking to declare the Integrated Healthcare Certificate must take the following courses:


SWBEH 2066      HB: Health/Mental Health (HBSE II)                                 3 crs.
                            (offered in YEAR 1 Spring Term only)

SWWEL 2056       Health Systems & Public Policy (Policy II)                       3 crs.
                            (offered in Fall Term only)

SWINT 2025        Social Work Practice in Integrated Health Care  3 crs.
                            (offered in Fall Term only)


SWINT 2073         Integrated Healthcare and Pharmacology                        3 crs.


SWINT 2007         Introduction to  Psychopharmacology in SW Practice       3 crs.
                            (offered in Fall and Spring Term)

Required Field Work

The second, concentration placement (12 credits) is completed in a program, unit, or agency that has a primary focus on direct practice related to health care.

Certificate Declaration of Intent Form

For more information

For information about the DP Integrated Healthcare Certificate Program, you may contact:

Daniel Rosen




For information about admission to the MSW program at the School of Social Work or its other programs, please contact:

Director of Admissions
School of Social Work
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: (412) 624-6346
Email: sswadmit@pitt.edu