DP Integrated Healthcare Certificate

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The DP-Integrated Healthcare Certificate program equips MSW students in the Direct Practice specialization with the knowledge and skills necessary to work with individuals, families, small groups in a variety of institutional and community-based health-related settings. With a focus on preparing students to deliver evidence-informed services to diverse client populations, the goal of the DP-Integrated Healthcare Certificate is to increase the number of advanced social work professionals capable of providing direct client care as well as leadership and advocacy to eliminate health inequities and to improve the health of all people. MSW students completing the DP-Integrated Healthcare Certificate program acquire a deeper understanding of the relationship between behavioral health (i.e., mental health, substance use) and physical health and the impact of larger social systems on that relationship; they also develop the skills to act on that knowledge to create positive health outcomes.

This certificate is available only to students currently enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work’s MSW Program at the Oakland campus. MSW students complete required and elective courses along with specialized practicum work leading to the DP-Integrated Healthcare Certificate within the normal MSW requirements and need not exceed the length of the degree program. As a University of Pittsburgh-recognized certificate program, receipt of the DP-Integrated Healthcare Certificate appears on graduates’ MSW diplomas.

DP-Integrated Healthcare Certificate Curriculum

Required Courses

Students complete the Direct Practice requirements as well as those of the certificate. Therefore, students must successfully complete Models of Intervention (SWINT 2082); an Advanced Direct Practice course in cognitive-behavioral (SWINT 2031), social systems (SWINT 2032), or psychodynamics (SWINT 2033) approaches; a second-level research course; and six credits of elective coursework, as well as: 

SWBEH 2066       HB: Health/Mental Health (HBSE II)    3 crs.  

SWWEL 2056       Health Systems & Public Policy (Policy II)    3 crs. 

SWINT 2025         Advanced SW Practice in Integrated Healthcare  3 crs.

One of these Direct Practice skill elective courses related to Pharmacology:

SWINT 2073         Integrated Healthcare in Pharmacology 3 crs. 

SWINT 2007         Introduction to Psychopharmacology & SW Practice 3 crs.

IHC Required Practicum

The second (specialized direct practice) practicum placement (12 credits – 720 clock hours) must be completed in a program, unit, or agency with a primary focus on direct practice related to healthcare. Your Practicum Advisor will work with you to identify appropriate practicum education sites. 

Certificate Declaration Form

If not already declared as part of the admission application, an MSW student should submit a Certificate Declaration of Intent Form as soon as possible after beginning the MSW Program to affirm their interest in pursuing the DP-Integrated Healthcare Certificate as part of their MSW studies

Financial Aid

Students pursuing the DP-Integrated Healthcare Certificate are eligible for the same financial aid and loan options available to all MSW students. In addition, students interested in integrated healthcare may also apply for:

  • The Behavioral Health Scholars Program offers students the opportunity to become an expert in interprofessional prevention and treatment services for children, adolescents, and transitional-aged youth with behavioral health needs. This program provides a $10,000 stipend during the concentration practicum placement year. 
  • The Roth Fellowship offers students the experience of addressing and mitigating the social determinants of health by working in interdisciplinary teams (for example, Pediatrics, Gerontology, Maternal Health, etc.) at the UPMC Health Plan.

Career Opportunities

New opportunities abound in health care for social workers trained in an interdisciplinary approach who are prepared to bridge the gap between health care providers and patient needs within a coordinated system of care. Students who have completed the DP-Integrated Healthcare Certificate have careers working in general and specialty hospitals, outpatient clinics, community health centers, prevention and early intervention programs, and behavioral health programs, among other settings.

The School’s Resources

The Pittsburgh region has world-class healthcare resources and offers MSW students in the DP-Integrated Healthcare Certificate the opportunity to have a variety of innovative, evidence-informed practice experiences. Full-time and part-time faculty are recognized leaders in their fields and are actively engaged in advancing the social work, public health, behavioral and physical health, and health systems agendas through their research, publications, and teaching. The focus on the elimination of health inequities applies the school’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion to the healthcare arena.

For More Information

For additional information about the DP-Integrated Healthcare Certificate program, please contact:

Dr. Danny Rosen
Integrated Healthcare Certificate Coordinator


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