Faculty and Graduate Research

Jaime Booth

Research Activities FY22

Molly Allwein, Development of  Licensed Clinical Supervision Training Institute and Licensed Social Worker Supervision Matching Program. Funder: Staunton Farm Foundation

Jaime Booth, Neighborhood risk and protection for substance use among low income adolescents. Funder: NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse

Jaime Booth, From Data Literacy to Collective Data Stewardship: Technology-Supported Community-Driven Solutions for Urban Youth. Funder: National Science Foundation NSF 17-598 - Cyberlearning for Work at the Human-Technology Frontier

Shaun Eack, Dimensional Outcomes and Neural Circuitry Associated with Psychosis Risk. Funder: NIMH

Shaun Eack, Developing a gold Standard for Tracking Adult Function ASD. Funder: Autism Speaks

Shaun Eack, Cognitive enhancement Therapy for Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder. Funder: NIMH

Shaun Eack, Cognitive Enhancement for Persistent Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia. Funder: NIMH

Shaun Eack, Change-Sensitive Measurement of Adult Functional Outcomes in Developmental Disabilities. Funder: NICHHD

Shaun Eack, Study to Understand and Compare Cognitive Enhancement and Social Skills Effectiveness in Schizophrenia. Funder: CER

Shaun Eack, Applied Social Cognitive Skills in the Workplace for Transition-Aged Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Funder: NIMH

Shaun Eack, Durability of Neuroplasticity changes from Cognitive. Funder: Autism Research Institute

Shaun Eack, SS Overdose Data Act Grant. Funder: Allegheny County

Ray Engel, Sara Goodkind, Jeff Shook, To Assess the Effects of COVID-19 on the Economic, Health, Mental Health, Workplace and Family Well-being of Health Care Workers. Funder: The Heinz Endowments

Ray Engel, Sara Goodkind, Jeff Shook, To Assess the Impact of a $15 per Hour Wage Floor on the economic Well-being, Family Relationships, and Physical and Mental Health of Lower-Wage Health Care Workers and Their Families and to Widely Disseminate Theres Findings. Funder: The Heinz Endowments

Ray Engel, Sara Goodkind, Jeff Shook, The Impact of COVID-19 on Human Service Organizations and the Essential Services they Provide. Funder: Florence Stier Research Development

Betsy Farmer, Navigation and Parent Peer Support to Promote Access and Retention of Children in Mental Health Services. Funder: University of Colorado (NIH)

Betsy Farmer, Needs Assessment for Allegheny County Jail Inmate Welfare Fund. Funder: Allegheny County, Department of Human Services

Rachel Gartner, Reducing Alcohol Involved Sexual Violence in Higher Education (RAISE). Funder: National Institutes of Health

Rachel Gartner, Translating TGQN Campus Climate Findings into Practice. Funder: Pitt Seed

Rachel Gartner, Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Survivor Support on Campus. Funder: Pitt Seed

Sara Goodkind, Understanding the Effects of the Benefits Cliff on Low-wage Workers and their young Children. Funder: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Sara Goodkind, Survivor Link + Public Health. Funder: AmeriCorps

Sara Goodkind and Jeff Shook, "Fielding the 'Trust and Disinformation in Allegheny County' Survey." Funder: UCSUR - Steven Manners Faculty Dev. 2022

James Huguley, Just Discipline: Regional Impact model. Funder: Allegheny Intermediate Unit

James Huguley, Just Discipline: Regional Impact model. Funder: The Heinz Endowments

James Huguley, Equity Evaluation of the United Way of SWPA, United for Children Portfolio. Funder: United Way of SWPA

James Huguley, The Pittsburgh Study. Funder: Department of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital

James Huguley, Just Discipline and Effective Restorative Practices:  Using Design Innovations and Implementation Science as Catalysts for Sustainable School Transformation. Funder: US. Department of Education

James Huguley, Socio-Emotional Learning and Trauma Supports within the Just Discipline Restorative Framework. Funder: Staunton Farm Foundation

James Huguley, Parenting While Black. Funder: PINCH22

James Huguley, Reducing Racial Achievement and Discipline Disparities and Promoting Positive School Climate. Funder: US. Department of Education

James Huguley, Pittsburgh college Access Alliance: COVID-19 Y Parent Engagement Study. Funder: Crossroads Foundation

James Huguley and Shaun Eack, School-Based Trauma intervention to Build Cognitive and Social Resilience for Urban Youth. Funder: Pitt Seed 

Leah Jacobs, Substance Abuse Treatment, Neighborhoods and Housing: How Services Social Circumstances Affect Criminal Recidivism. Funder: Central Research Development Fund (CRDF)

Alicia Johnson, Supporting BIPOC MSW Students. Funder: University of Pittsburgh Senior Vice Chancellor for Research

Nev Jones, OnTrack NY's Learning Healthcare System. Funder: Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene (Prime is NIMH)

Travis Labrum, Perceptions of Beneficiaries with Mental Illness and Family Representative Payees Regarding Satisfaction and Challenges. Funder: Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

Deborah Moon, Evaluator For Community-based Prevention Model Enhancing Safety and Well-being for Ohio's Children and Family. Funder: Ohio State University

Christina Newhill and Dashawna Fussell-Ware, Execution of a Countywide survey to assess Mental Health Literacy among Black Adolescents. Funder: Center on Race and Social Problems

Mary Ohmer, Strengthening Resident Civic Engagement on Behalf of Equitable Development: Partnering for Community-Based Participatory Research in Homewood. Funder: Corporation for National and Community Service

Mary Ohmer, Urgent Revision to Creating Peace: Community-level Youth Violence Prevention Intervention. Funder: NIH

Mary Ohmer, Cyber Awareness:  PGH Blueprint. Funder: AT&T

Mary Ohmer, Community Thriving: Enhancing Resiliency of Communities after Stress and Trauma. Funder: Allegheny County, Department of Human Services

Mary Ohmer, Preventing Violence and Improving Community Mental Health in Fineview & Perry Hilltop. Funder: Center for Interventions to Enhance Community Health (CiTECH)

Marlo Perry, Stronger Collaboration with Intensive Family Coaching: A Pilot Study. Funder: Center for Interventions to Enhance Community Health (CiTECH)

Mary Beth Rauktis, Dog Acquisition in Low-income communities: An Exploratory Study. Funder: ASPCA

Mary Beth Rauktis, Supporting the Education of Youth in Foster Care During the Pandemic: Foster Parent and Administrator Perspectives. Funder: Pitt Momentum 20-21, Seed

Daniel Rosen, Opioid Workforce Expansion: Social Work Initiative for program Professionals. Funder: HRSA

Daniel Rosen, Expect Respect Middle School: Preventing Severe and Lethal Violence Among Youth with prior Violence Exposure. Funder: Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Daniel Rosen, Center for Integrated Health Care Delivery and Prevention Program. Funder: UPMC

Daniel Rosen, Pitt School of Social Work SUD and Co-Occurring Mental health Disorder Training and Integration Program. Funder: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Admin (SAMHSA)

Daniel Rosen, Behavioral Health Scholars Program. Funder: HRSA

Daniel Rosen, Food Insecurity, Nutritional Literacy, and Heart Disease: A Novel Interdisciplinary University of Pittsburgh Initiative. Funder: Pitt Chancellor/Provost -2019 Pitt Seed Grant

Jeff Shook, Improving Juvenile Indigent Defense and health through Holistic Representation. Funder: Duquesne University (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

Jeff Shook, Juveniles on Adult Probation and in Jails. Funder: Central Research Development Fund (CRDF)

Jeff Shook, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15: Effects on Pittsburgh Nonprofit Human Service Organizations. Funder: SSW Research Pilot Grant

Fengyan Tang, Preventing Cognitive Decline and Dementia Among Older Chinese Immigrants: The Role of Activity, Engagement, Immigration Experience, and Neighborhood Environments. Funder: NIH/National Institute on Aging

Fengyan Tang, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: A Strength-Based Perspective and Intervention. Funder: Pitt Momentum Funds

John Wallace, The CHURCH Project; Congregations as Healers Uniting to Restore Community Health. Funder: Center for Interventions to Enhance Community Health (CiTECH)

Yan Yuan, Intimate Partner Violence Amongst Asian Immigrant Women: Feasibility and Efficacy of an Integrative Psychosocial Program (IPP)-A Transdiagnostic and Cultural-Competent Approach. Funder: American Psychologic Foundation