School of Social Work and Katz School of Business launch new joint degree

The University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work and the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business will be offering a new Masters in Social Work and a Master of Business Administration joint degree program. The program is designed to provide students with a unique combination of social work knowledge and skills, with exceptional strength in management decision-making and leadership.

Graduates are faced with an increasingly competitive market, and nonprofit organizations are beginning to expect employees to have an understanding of matters related to financial operations, human resources, and data management. On the private sector side, companies are paying more attention to their corporate social responsibility (CSR) in response to consumer awareness and the growing importance of external engagement initiatives.

Program Coordinators Social Work professor Hide Yamatani and Rabikar Chatterjee, Associate Dean for Masters and Executive Programs at the Katz School have been working on the program for several years. “As funding organizations are become more concerned about their accountability and utility of financial supports provided to various human service organizations, they are beginning to evaluate nonprofits beyond program outcomes or average cost per client to more advanced assessments, such as cost-efficiency and effectiveness, cost-benefit ratio, and estimations of opportunity cost” says Yamatani. “Thus, this joint program will be able to teach such analytic methodologies and more, which are rarely offered to traditional social work students.”

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