October 16, 2014
SSW Prof Jeffrey Shook Examines The Juvenile Justice System as Adviser for "Day Room Window" Essential Pittsburgh explores the sentencing of juveniles with SSW Professor Jeffrey Shook and playwright Bonnie Cohen, whose play "Day Room Window" about nine adolescent girls incarcerated as adults in a women’s prison is based on her experiences working in the juvenile justice system. Read more
October 13, 2014
SSW Professor Emeritus Among "Pioneers" Who “Set the National Standards for Pre-Hospital Emergency Care.” The men and women of the Freedom House Ambulance Service were pioneers who “set the national standards for pre-hospital emergency care.” Philip Hallen, Peter Safar, Nancy Caroline, and SSW Professor Emeritus Morton Coleman helped in bringing the groundbreaking idea to life. Read more
October 07, 2014
SSW Faculty and Staff appointed to University Boards Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Valire Carr Copeland was appointed by the University Senate to the Board of Trustees Affirmative Action Committee and Director of Finance and Business Megan Soltesz was appointed by the Staff Association Council to the Board of Trustees Audit Committee. Read more
October 06, 2014
Pitt's MSW program ranked #11 in the country The SSW was recently named #11 of campus-based Master of Social Work programs in the country by BestMSWPrograms.com. Read more