June 30, 2015
Browne Fellows travel to Harrisburg The 2015 Browne Leadership Fellows Marissa Ferrighetto, Alyssa Giegerich, and Marcus Robinson traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's capital, to advocate for fair school funding. Read more
June 25, 2015
Faculty member travels to Israel with Katz Business School Yodit Betru, Clinical Assistant Professor, will be working with Katz faculty to create an innovative teaching and research model that could bring together faculty and graduate students from Pitt’s business and social work programs. Read more
June 25, 2015
Ageless Wisdom crowdfunding campaign in its last week! Less than week to go for the Ageless Wisdom crowdfunding campaign. The program is very to reaching its goal of $7,500, which will keep this program free for their participants! Read more
June 18, 2015
SSW alumna Lucy Spruill, transit/disability rights advocate, dies at 70 BASW and MSW alumna Lucy Spruill served as the city's first ADA coordinator, was a founding member of PAT's Committee for Accessible Transportation and was among the first to sit on the city-county task force on disabilities. Read more