PACS brings speakers to Westinghouse Academy

Dean Davis speaks at Westinghouse Academy

Dean Larry Davis spoke about his book—Why Are They Angry With Us? Essays on Race—at Westinghouse Academy to the College in High School Introduction to Social Work course.  Students read excerpts from the book during the week and engaged with Dean Davis about a variety of topics discussed in the book. See photos.

Jeff Lucchino lecture at Westinghouse Academy

Jeff Lucchino, UPMC sports nutritionist, visited Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy's Men of the House Program.  Prepared with junk food, snacks, and energy drinks he used these visuals to educate the team on how to stay healthy during the football season and trim down or bulk up during the off season. He focused on tips, food, and beverages to consume in order to manage weight, prevent disease, and become the best athletes that they could be.  Men of the House is a program at Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy to encourage and infuse life and academic skills, health and wellness skills in the young male athletes. See photos.

Cecily Davis Guest Presentation, October 17, 2016 
Cecily Davis, MSW and Field Education Coordinator for the School of Social Work, was a special guest presenter for the Introduction to Social Justice course at Westinghouse Academy. She addressed social work ethics and spoke from her perspective as a lifelong Pittsburgh resident and a social work professional in the community. Sharing from her breadth of experiences working with children and families, Mrs. Davis was able to connect with students by relating her work to familiar life scenarios. Students really appreciated Mrs. Davis’ vulnerability in sharing from her own life story. They also were excited for the interactive presentation and opportunity to be exposed to key social work practices.