College in High School students give final presentations

Thirteen Westinghouse students presented research posters at the University of Pittsburgh on Monday, May 1. The posters were completed as a requirement of the inaugural Introduction to Social Justice course, sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. The course, which introduced students to the work of social justice and the field of social work, was facilitated by Pitt-Assisted Communities & Schools.

The program began with an overview of the partnership between Pitt and Westinghouse before a gallery walk viewing of student posters. Poster presentations reflected students' learning in the course and their interests in various social justice topics. Topics included: police brutality against African American males, LGBTQ community concerns, treatment for drug addicted teens, effects of poverty on education, equity in Pittsburgh Public Schools, the mental health stigma in the black community, and the effects of grief on the development of teen spirituality.  The students framed social work theory around their topics in social justice and provided recommendations for social workers helping vulnerable populations in their community.

The event was a definite success, as students confidently presented their research to faculty and staff at the University of Pittsburgh, Westinghouse staff, community members, and family and friends.