BASW Field Placement

Read the BASW Field Placement FAQs

The field experience constitutes 600 hours over two terms (12 credit hours) for BASW majors. This occurs in the Fall and Spring of the student's Senior year. Students are in a single placement for both terms; they spend 8 hours per day, 3 days per week, for 14 weeks in field each term. This occurs concurrently with classes, especially the Practicum and Seminar Lab I and II. Part-time students complete the field Practica and Seminar and Lab courses during their last year of study following the completion of all course work.

BASW majors attend a Field Placement Planning Meeting in January of their junior year. At that time they receive the timeline for placing BASW majors, other information they will need to be familiar with during the placement process, and information on where and how to complete the Request for Field Placement Form.

To initiate the Field Placement Process, students must do the following: 

  • Complete Student Agreement/Release of Information Form and submit to Student Services Specialist in the School of Social Work Registrars Office.
  • Complete a Request for Field Placement Form (see below), provide a copy of a current resume, and a copy of your Mandated Reporter Certificate (found on Courseweb) early during the February prior to the Fall of the anticipated field placement.
  • Once these documents are recieved, an appointment will be given to the student for an interview with a field advisor in Field Education to discuss and plan the field placement assignment. 

The Office of Field Education is moving towards electronic submission of request forms to increase ease of use and submission. Please use the first link below to utilize this new process. 

* Please allow for a few days of processing. A field coordinator will contact you.

** Only use Adobe Acrobat to fill out the forms. Download Adobe Reader here. Paper submissions should be delivered to room 2127 Cathedral of Learning. 

Students and Field Instructors individually need to return Confirmation Forms (see below) before a field placement is confirmed by the School. They should be submitted to room 2127 Cathedral of Learning. Students need to confirm their field placement schedule with their Field Instructor at the beginning of August. Students do not begin field placement until they have met with the instructor in the Practicum Seminar and Lab class.