Elizabeth Bina

Major: Biological Sciences

Certificate: Community health assessment

“As a biology major looking to work in the field of public health, I understand the value of working within a community to begin to incite change. Growing up in a small-town environment taught me how beneficial the feeling of community can be, and I look forward to the challenge this fellowship will present as we work in Pittsburgh to ensure that every citizen can feel that sense of community.” 

Jennifer Cortes

Major: Bioengineering

Minor: Chemistry

Certificate: Honors

“I applied to the Browne Leadership Fellows Program because I wanted to learn the skills necessary for community development and social work that are independent of discipline and that fight social injustice. I believe these skills will be invaluable now and as I pursue a career in health care since the definition of health includes physical, mental, and social well-being. The Pittsburgh community is very dear to me and I look forward to contributing to the Pittsburgh community as a Browne Fellow.”

Dominic DiSanto

Majors: Neuroscience, History, and Philosophy of Science

Minor: Chemistry

"I enjoy investing myself in to my communities and always lending a hand to my neighbors. I plan to continue my passion for humanitarian work through undergraduate to graduate school and in my career. Whether I work in medicine, research, or another discipline, I plan to live my life striving to improve my community and help others. The Browne Fellowship program allows me to begin living for my passion by helping me dive into a collaborative effort to better myself through bettering Pittsburgh."

Thomas Dolan

Majors: Politics and Philosophy

“As someone interested in law school, I applied to the Browne Fellowship program because I want to learn about the intricacies of civic engagement by helping people at the local level. I want to take the experience I gain from helping people in Pittsburgh’s communities and apply it in a meaningful way in my future profession. A thorough knowledge of how communities work and how people can be helped through a concerted volunteer effort is necessary to becoming a successful in any field. And since my ultimate goal is to improve local communities by becoming a municipal lawyer, I believe that the Browne Leadership Fellows program is the perfect place for me to begin my learning experience.”