Marissa Ferrighetto

Major: Economics

Minors: History, Spanish

Certificates: Latin American Studies, Leadership

“I applied to the program because the Browne Leadership Fellowship gives students an opportunity to serve the Pittsburgh community and gain experience in civic engagement and community development. Since my first semester in college, I have been mentoring young girls in various Pittsburgh neighborhoods. I am excited to continue to give back to the Pittsburgh area and apply and connect my areas of study to real-world situations.”

Alyssa Giegerich

Majors: Communication Science & Disorders

Certificates: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine, Global Studies

“Through my past experiences volunteering across the United States I realized building relationships has the power to change communities.  Similarly, while volunteering in Peru, I met all types of people that made me believe in the power of coming together to overcome inequalities. I believe human relationships are the key to finding a passion to stand for social justice. I applied to the Browne Leadership Fellows Program to work alongside the people of Pittsburgh, especially those affected by social injustices.  I hope to learn more about, participate with, and better the Pittsburgh community.”

Kimberly Goldstein

Majors: History, Urban Studies (concentration: Community Outreach)

Certificate: Nonprofit Management

"As a third-generation 'Pittsburgher' I have always felt a strong connection to the local community. Going to school at the University of Pittsburgh has allowed me to translate this connection into action. Over the course of my college career I have been able to work and volunteer in some of the many Pittsburgh neighborhoods which has exposed me to both the hardships and triumphs of these communities. The Browne Leadership Fellows Program will allow me to further my engagement in community development and dialogue while getting to work alongside driven individuals in the city that I adore. I could not imagine a more fulfilling and meaningful opportunity to be apart of!"

Anna Greenberg

Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: Spanish

“I grew up in a large city and was involved in community-based, environmentally-focused work in my neighborhood. In working with my community and neighbors, I learned that small communities have a powerful voice for change. Since that experience I've been very interested in community engagement, especially as it ties in to sustainability, so when I heard about the Browne Fellowship here in Pittsburgh, it seemed like a valuable opportunity to once again engage with a community on a deeper level.”

Carey Johnson

Major: Health Information Management

Minor: Economics

"I'm incredibly lucky to go to school in a city like Pittsburgh. This city has cultivated my appreciation for the arts and has motivated me to travel and explore. I'm grateful for how this city has contributed to my development as a student and as a citizen. The Browne Leadership Fellows Program is an excellent opportunity to give back to the city that has made my time in college so valuable."

Mihir Mulloth

Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Chemistry

“I applied to the Browne Leadership Fellows Program to learn more about the Pittsburgh community and be involved in trying to help the people in it. I believe that no social issue can be solved without direct input from the community. The Browne Leadership Program affords students the ability to work with Pittsburgh residents and create long-lasting, positive change.​”

Marcus Robinson

Majors: Neuroscience, Anthropology

Minors: Chemistry, Economics

“Ever since high school, I have always been interested in helping individuals in meaningful ways. I applied to the Browne Leadership Fellows Program because I felt that it would illustrate how to learn about the social issues in a community, and work with that community to create viable solutions that can work in the long-term. I knew I had to apply to this program because it would give me an opportunity to learn about social work and to actually apply what I learn to real communities.”

Anthony Sciulli

Major: Rehabilitation Science

Certificate: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine

“As a future healthcare professional, I believe that seeing patients as “people” and not just a medical condition or statistic is integral to quality care.  The Browne Leadership Fellows Program affords an incredible opportunity to refine my understanding of social issues and work with the people of Pittsburgh—all while collaborating with a diverse team of fellow students.  I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Mary Turocy

Major: Neuroscience

"I applied to be a Browne Leadership Fellow in order to learn from people who are successfully addressing real problems in Pittsburgh community. Given my interests in medicine and public health, it's important to understand how communities contribute to the wellbeing of individuals, and how committed individuals can improve the wellbeing of entire communities. I'm excited to have the opportunity to extend my education beyond the classroom and use the skills I've learned to give back to the wonderful city of Pittsburgh."