Marlo Perry

  • Research Assistant Professor, Child Welfare Education and Research Programs

Marlo A. Perry earned her Ph.D. in School, Community, and Clinical Child Psychology and her M.S.Ed. in Psychological Services from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a Research Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work’s Child Welfare Education and Research Programs.

Dr. Perry is interested in how large-scale, system-wide applied research can benefit vulnerable children and families. Much of her research has focused on early childhood education issues for urban, low-income children and families; she is particularly interested in how family contextual factors affect children’s early development and well-being. Her research interests include the relationship of maternal context to young children’s development and well-being, family involvement in and satisfaction with early childhood education programs, and scale development and assessment issues in systems that serve low-income children.

Research Interests

  • Maternal risks (e.g., depression, domestic violence, etc.) and early childhood development
  • Family engagement in child welfare and/or education systems
  • Helping child-serving systems utilize research to inform policy and practice

Representative Publications

Fantuzzo, J., Perlman, S., Feifei, L., Sproul, F., Perry, M., & Minney, A. (2010). Making visible teacher reports of their teaching experiences: The Early Childhood Teacher Experiences Scale. Psychology in the Schools, 49, 194-205.

Perry, M.A., & Fantuzzo, J. (2010). A multivariate investigation of maternal risks and their relationship to low-income, preschool children’s competencies. Applied Developmental Science, 14 (1), 1-17.

Fantuzzo, J., Fusco, R., Mohr, W., & Perry, M.A. (2007). Domestic violence and children’s presence: A population-based study of law enforcement surveillance of domestic violence. Journal of Family Violence, 22, 331-340.

Fantuzzo, J., Stevenson, H., Abdul-Kabir, S., & Perry, M. A. (2007). An investigation of a community-based intervention for socially isolated parents with a history of child maltreatment. Journal of Family Violence22, 81-89.

Fantuzzo, J., Perry, M.A., & Childs, S. (2006). Parent Satisfaction with Educational Experiences Scale: A multivariate examination of parent satisfaction with early childhood education programs. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 21, 142-152.

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Fantuzzo, J., Perry, M. A., & McDermott, P. (2004). Preschool approaches to learning and their relationship to other relevant classroom competencies for low-income children. School Psychology Quarterly, 19 (3) 212-230.

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Areas of Expertise