James Huguley

  • Interim Director, Center on Race and Social Problems and Assistant Professor

Dr. James P. Huguley’s research focuses on school-based interventions that promote positive developmental outcomes for students of color, particularly in urban school settings. He teaches on research methods and on the history of race-relations in the United States. He is the Principal Investigator for the Just Discipline Project, a research-to-practice initiative centered on best practices in positive school climate and restorative school discipline. He is also Co-Principal Investigator on both the Pittsburgh Parenting Project, which examines best practices in culturally distinct parenting in African American families; and with Pitt-Assisted Communities and Schools, which implements holistic university supports in high-need learning communities.  Dr. Huguley chairs the Education Research Advisory Panel at the Center on Race and Social Problems, he Co-Directs Pitt’s Combined Program in Social Work and Education, and he is an executive board member for the Human Services Center Corporation, an agency supporting families and social service organizations in the Mon Valley. Prior to his academic career Dr. Huguley was a youth program director and middle school teacher. He received his bachelors in English and Secondary Education from Providence College, and both his masters in Risk and Prevention and doctorate in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University.

Research Interests

  • Examining how contextually and culturally informed parenting practices promote the positive developmental outcomes of African American adolescents
  • Examining how school-based psychosocial interventions can promote optimal academic, behavioral, and mental health outcomes for students and families in high-need communities.

Funded Projects and Fellowships

  • Principal Investigator (2016-2019), The Just Discipline Project: Examining and implementing equitable and pro-achievement school discipline and climate strategies.  The Heinz Endowments.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (2016-2020), The African American Parenting Project: Documenting and Developing a Socio-Historically Informed Framework for Families and Schools. Spencer Foundation.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (2016-2019). African American Students' Sociocultural Experiences, Motivation, Identity and Performance in Math. National Science Foundation.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (2015-2020), Pitt Assisted Communities and Schools: Connecting the Cathedral to the Community. The Mellon Foundation.

Accepting Graduate Students: Yes. 

Representative Publications

Peer Review Articles

Delale-O’Connor, L., Huguley, J.P., Parr, A., Wang, M.T. (2019). Compensatory concerted cultivation: An exploration of African American parenting practices. American Educational Research Journal (online first). https://doi.org/10.3102/0002831219890575

Huguley, J.P., Wang, M.T., Pasarow, S., & Wallace, J. (in press). Just discipline in schools: an integrated and interdisciplinary approach. Children & Schools.

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