Daniel Abusuampeh

Daniel K. Abusuampeh, a doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, holds a BA, MPA, and MSW from the University of Ghana. As an international Social Worker, Daniel is deeply committed to social justice and community empowerment.

Before embarking on his doctoral journey at the University of Pittsburgh, Daniel served as the Country Director, where he played a pivotal role in co-founding and managing an educational non-profit organization with a profound commitment to providing educational opportunities in Ghana. His core belief in the transformative power of education fuels his tireless efforts to create a world where children can flourish without encountering discrimination. His research focuses on systemic discrimination, examining the impact of formal education on perceptions of systemic racism among graduate students and addressing tribalism in Ghana through cognitive behavioral training.

In a remarkable collaborative endeavor, Daniel has spearheaded the establishment of the African TribeBridge Institute (ATBI). Working closely with the distinguished leaders of the Center on Race and Social Problems, Dr. Kyaien Conner and Ron Idoko, Daniel is dedicated to advancing social justice and equity initiatives that resonate locally and globally. Daniel K. Abusuampeh's academic journey, fueled by his unwavering commitment to education and social justice, makes him an invaluable asset to the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work and the broader community.

His faculty mentor is Dr. Kyaien O. Conner.

Research Interests

  • Racial and Tribal Equity
  • Transformative Educational Practice
  • Poverty and Inequality
  • Community Engaged Research, Organizing and Development