Catherine Greeno

  • Associate Professor

Associate Professor Catherine (Katie) Greeno earned her Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University.

Greeno’s research is directed at bridging the gap between academic research and community mental health practice. An initiative with Family Services of Western Pennsylvania, a large community mental health provider, led to the collaborative development and testing of an outpatient model of treatment, work addressing engagement in outpatient services, and a study of outcomes of people discharged from a state mental hospital upon its closing.

Research Interests

  • Development of practice-based evidence in Mental Health

  • Barriers and facilitators to implementation of reform in county-support case management

  • Outcomes for people discharged from a state psychiatric hospital

  • Mental health services research

Selected Funded Grants

  • Principal Investigator: Catherine Greeno, Ph.D. Co-Investigator, Sue Estroff, Professor of Social Medicine, University of North Carolina.  A program of evaluation of systems reform for case management.  Allegheny HealthChoices, Inc., and Staunton Farms Foundation. 

  • Principal Investigator: Catherine Greeno, Ph.D. Co-Investigator, Sue Estroff, Professor of Social Medicine, University of North Carolina.  Four-year follow-up of outcomes the experiences of people discharged from Mayview Hospital.  Allegheny HealthChoices, Inc. and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:

  • Co-Investigator, Catherine Greeno, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, Carol Anderson, Ph.D., Department of Psychiatry.  Collaborate to Promote Engagement of Low-Income Clients.  National Institute of Mental Health

Accepting Graduate Students: Yes. 

Students working with me will develop rigorous research in implementing and disseminating evidence-based practices in community settings; especially evidence-based practice emanating from CiTECH

Past Graduate Student Advisees

  • Shaun Eack, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work

  • Azadeh Masalehdan Block, Assistant Professor, Social Work, Youngstown State University

  • Addie Weaver, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Curtis Center, University of Michigan

  • Christopher Gjesfjeld, Assistant Professor, University of North Dakota School of Social Work

  • Carrie Rishel, Associate Professor, West Virginia University School of Social Work

  • Liz McCabe, Director of Social Work, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic


Representative Publications

Anderson, C.M., Robins, C., Greeno, C.G., Cahalane, H., Copeland, V.C., & Andrews, M. (2006).  Why lower-income mothers do not engage with the formal mental health care system: A qualitative study of perceptual barriers to care.  Qualitative Health Research, 16 (7) 926-943. 

Greeno, C.G., Colonna, C., & Shumway, M.  (2008). Adapting standardized outcomes measures for community mental health. Social Work in Public Policy, 23 (2/3), 125-138.  

Gjesfjeld, CD, Greeno CG & Kim, KH. (2008). A confirmatory factor analysis of the shortened version of the Medical Outcome Social Support Survey.  Research on Social Work Practice, 18 (3), 231-237.

Rishel, C. W., Greeno, C.G. & Anderson, C.M. (2008). The relationship between maternal and child symptom change in community mental health.  Community Mental Health Journal, 44 (4), 289-293.

Greeno, C.G. (2008). Mental Health: Overview.  In T. Mizrahi and L. Davis (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Social Work. 

Eack, SM, Greeno, C.G., Anderson, C.M. Dennis, A., & Christian-Michaels, S. (2009).  Case Managers’ perspectives on what they need to do their job.  Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 32 (4), 309-312.

Block, A.M. & Greeno, C.G. (2011). Examining outpatient treatment dropout in adolescents: A literature review.  Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 28, 393-420.

Greeno, CG, Zimmerman, T, Kelly, M., Weaver, A & Anderson, CM (2012). “What is therapy?”  A therapist-developed engagement intervention for community mental health.  Social Work in Mental Health, 10 (1), 1-11. 


Areas of Expertise