Community, Organization, and Social Action (COSA) Concentration

The Community, Organization, and Social Action (COSA) concentration is seeking socially active and civically engaged students for leadership careers in community services, community development, and community change/social policy.  Graduates pursue established and emerging professional opportunities in public and private, profit, and nonprofit organizations in such fields as: health care, children and youth, family services, disability services, community revitalization and development, philanthropy, policy and advocacy, community and social planning, business and human resources, community centers, and more.
Our graduates are:

  • leading international downtown development organizations
  • serving as foundation officers and community affairs directors
  • administering major nonprofit human service agencies
  • managing community development and revitalization projects and organizations
  • conducting policy analysis, writing legislation, and planning public programs
  • directing community centers and collaborations
  • coordinating community change and social action initiatives and coalitions
  • teaching in social work schools and heading university-community partnerships 

Curriculum Requirements

COSA Certificate Program in Human Services Management

Employees of public child welfare agencies interested in pursuing an MSW degree should visit the CWEL home page.

Community Practice Award (James V. Cunningham Fellows Award)

With generous support from James V. Cunningham, Professor Emeritus and colleagues, the School established a Community Practice Award Fund in 2006 that now will make an annual James V. Cunningham Fellow award to support COSA field work in keeping with Dr. Cunningham’s legacy in community organizing.  This fellows award is administered by the School’s Community, Organization, and Social Action (COSA) Concentration. 

Learn more about the Community Practice Award criteria and nomination process (COMING SOON).