University of Pittsburgh Required Training

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All researchers at the University of Pittsburgh must complete a series of trainings in order to adhere to University Policy.  Any researcher who is included on a grant as a co-investigator is required to have all training completed at the time of submission of any grant proposals. If the training is not completed the grant will not be approved. This includes human subject training if applicable.

Listed below are the links to required training modules

Conflict of Interest Certification

  • Please note that if you will be working on any research that is federally funded that you select the option for “PHS researchers”

Conflict of Interest Training

  • After login, Click on "Add a course or updated your learner group"
  • On the next "Curriculum" screen you need only answer "Yes" to Question 1to complete COI Training. (If you do not wish to complete the non-COI training modules described in questions 2 through 6 at this time, select "Not at this time.")
  • General Instructions for Pitt CITI training
  • Technical questions or account issues can be directed to
  • Please note that if you click on the link for CME/CEU credit, you will be directed to the University of Miami site. If, and ONLY if, you want to receive CME/CEU credit for the training, you will need to pay the associated fees. There is NO fee to complete the training module and receipt of CME/CEU credit is NOT required to meet the University COI training requirements

Select one of the options below (A or B)

A.  Research Integrity (for research that does not involve human subjects)

B.  Research Integrity (for research that DOES involve human subjects)

Log in and select “Social Science research with human subjects” – this will take 2-3 hours

Instructions for accessing and using CITI