The Expect Respect Fellowship

group of children

Expect Respect works at the forefront of prevention and intervention to break the cycle of abuse in children’s lives and prevent violence from happening in the first place. It is a theory and research-informed program intended to alter norms condoning violence in middle school aged youth.

Applications are open and now being accepted!


Program Benefits

Training Stipend:  $4,000

Field Placement Options    

The Expect Respect Fellow will complete their field placement at Center for Victims. The Fellow will be trained in the Expect Respect program, a weekly, gender-specific, evidence-based educational curriculum designed for children who are at-risk for violence. The intern will then be placed in middle schools throughout Western PA where they will co-facilitate the Expect Respect program with an experience prevention education advocate from the Center for Victims.

Specifically, the Fellow will:

  • Provide crisis intervention, counseling, and education sessions to youth (grades 6 – 8) who have experienced or at risk of experiencing dating, sexual or domestic violence and youth demonstrating abusive behavior to peers.
  • Assist school personnel and other involved service providers in assessing students’ current health needs, personal safety and functioning.

Program Learning Objectives

  • Spend two semesters at a field placement at the Center for Victims.
  • Collaborate with the research team from Pitt Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine
  • Gain experience in group facilitation and counseling skills, working with at-risk youth, and trauma-informed care.
  • Enhance skills in program evaluation.

Participation Commitments

Students are required to:

  • Complete all required hours of field work at the Center for Victims and partner schools.
  • Participate in evaluations and reports required by the Expect Respect Fellowship and the Center for Victims.
  • Complete all paperwork, clearances, and trainings required by the Center for Victims.


  • Full-time student in MSW or BASW program
  • Desire to work with at-risk youth
  • Commitment to enhancing skills in counseling and group facilitation
  • Interest in program evaluation methods
  • Demonstrated strong academic performance
  • Access to a car is preferable but not required, depending on middle school placement location

Application Requirements

  1. Updated resume
  2. Statement of interest
    1. In no more than 5 paragraphs, please discuss why you would like to participate in this fellowship experience.  What attracts you to this project? What strengths do you bring that can be engaged in this learning experience? What do you hope to gain from the experience?  How will it contribute to your achieving your career goals?
  3. Unofficial transcript
  4. Letter of recommendation (can be professional or academic).

Please email this link to your recommender (professional recommendation from a work or internship supervisor is suggested). Letter of Recommendation forms can be found here

Selection Process

  • Number of positions:  8
  • Applications will be reviewed by faculty from the Pitt SSW faculty and then sent to Center for Victims for consideration. Center for Victims staff and research team members will conduct group interviews for selected candidates.
  • All applicants will be notified of their status (accepted, wait-listed, denied) by June 1st.


Application Deadline:                                     May 1st

Interview and Review:                                   May 1st – 31st

Notification:                                                   June 1st

Candidate Acceptance Deadline:                 June 15th

If there are unfilled positions, rolling applications will be accepted and reviewed.

Rolling application and wait list notification:  August 15th

Waitlist Policy

Once a student formally accepts a fellowship appointment, they will be removed from any other training program wait list. 

Contact Information

For more information please reach out to either

Dr. Daniel Rosen -

Alicia Melnick, LCSW -