Mental Health/Crisis Resources

Mental Health Resources

Below are some of the available resources which might be helpful. All of the UCC resources are free for Pitt graduate and undergraduate students. 

  • The University Counseling Center and Pitt Votes are hosting special Election Support Sessions on Zoom with the UCC counselors to help people manage any potential election-related concerns. These take place every weekday at noon. They will also be hosting an event 4-5 pm on the day following the announcement of the election results called Together We Stand which will emphasize community unity, mutual support, and solidarity. You can access these resources at this site: ( )
  • As always, the UCC is still offering Let's Talk Sessions which are available for short, informal video conference consultations with UCC counselors to address specific concerns you might have. If the current events of the election have been exacerbating your present mental health situation, these sessions may help to adjust our response to the situation in ways which ensure our immediate and long-term mental health and wellbeing. These would also be good for finding a safe and comfortable space to vent your stresses and concerns at a neutral third party uninvolved in your immediate life. These take place at the following times: Mondays and Wednesdays at 2pm, Tuesdays at 9am, and Thursdays at 9:30am.
  • And again, as always, the UCC is still offering Drop-In Mental Health Counseling with UCC Counselors and Crisis Intervention Services. Drop-In Sessions are available Monday through Friday between 9-4. These would also be great if current events are exacerbating your mental health situation to a degree where your health and functioning are impaired and/or at risk. These sessions are a great way to discover, plan, and select services available to you throughout the UCC, Pitt, and Pittsburgh (as well as in other locations if you're remote this semester). 
  • Additionally, if you need help with an urgent mental health concern for which you could not wait to schedule an appointment, Drop-In Sessions can be a great option to manage that. However, if you are in a state of crisis and require immediate support to ensure yours and others' safety at any point 24/7, you can call the UCC to get connected with an On-Call Crisis Counselor at the following number - 412-648-7930 x1. In order to ensure health and safety you may also call the Pitt Police at 412-624-2121. You can also call the re:solve Crisis Network, Allegheny County's 24/7 crisis agency staffed with professional mental health clinicians, at 1-888-796-8226. For more resources and hotlines about suicide you can access the following website: ( )
  • There are a lot of other great services offered through the UCC. Follow this link to find out more information about how to get started with the UCC: ( )

Other options for support might include to reach out to your friends, family, and fellow Pitt students through clubs such as NAMI at Pitt, Oakland Outreach, Active Minds, DMAX, the Mental Health Student Coalition, and numerous political advocacy groups at Pitt such as Pitt Votes. 

Please take care of yourself and others, and give yourself permission to detach from the noise and return to your normal life and normal values. Try your best to be open-minded, patient, and to stand together with your community towards a vision of making our lives and our country better and better. Remember that this too shall pass.

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