Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research

Undergraduate Student Research

The University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work strives to produce research that changes lives. Consistently ranked among the top schools for faculty scholarship and research productivity, the program advocates for a society that respects the dignity and achievement of all individuals, families, and communities through its educational, research, and public service activities. We are committed to providing undergraduate students with various opportunities to engage in scholarly research, including the creation and implementation of a practice evaluation during the senior year practicum. In addition, students are encouraged to participate throughout their undergraduate studies in the many opportunities for scholarly research offered by the larger university.  

External Research Opportunities

Graduate Student Research

Global Perspectives of Social Work is an elective class for social work undergraduate minors and majors In Spring of 2021, the class was remotely taught/received and we were a mix of undergraduates from health sciences, natural sciences, pre-medicine, anthropology, communications and social work.  Additionally, six MSW students were enrolled in the class.

Students created their own topics to investigate and to communicate to the class and to other audiences.  One method of communication was a one-page poster.  These examples show the range of topics that students researched. The projects had to be tied to one of the United Nations Sustainability Goals and use a social work lens in the analysis.

Six Posters are highlighted: