Lambert Maguire Professor Emeritus of Social Work



Lambert Maguire holds a PhD in social work and psychology and an MA in psychology from the University of Michigan, an AM in social work from the University of Chicago, and a BS in psychology from Loyola University. As the former School of Social Work Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, he oversaw the curriculum, advising, and student affairs missions for the school’s BASW, MSW, and PhD programs. Maguire’s research has focused on social systems and networks and their impact on treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation. He has authored books on social networks, social support systems in practice, and clinical practice. Maguire chaired multiple School committees, served on the editorial boards of three journals, and reviewed publications for several journals. He was the vice president of the Society for Social Work and Research (2008-10) and a member of the society’s Committee on Publications, Minority Research Task Force, and Annual Program Committee (which he chaired for the 2010 program).