Valire Copeland

  • Professor (Sabbatical 22-23 AY)

Dr. Copeland, Professor, School of Social Work; Professor, Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences, Graduate School of Public Health, the University of Pittsburgh, Associate Director of the Public Health Social Work Training Program, a joint degree program between the Schools of Social Work and Graduate School of Public Health. She has served as Principal Investigator of federal and local grants. Dr. Copeland is an expert in the bio-psychosocial factors in racial disparities, social determinants of health with regards to health and mental health status outcome for African American women, children, and youth, and social work practice in health care settings. Dr. Copeland is also astanding member in the Healthcare System Research and Value Research (HSVR) study section for the Director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

BSW (1977) Livingstone College; MSW (1978), MPH (1988), PhD (1989) University of Pittsburgh; Paul Cornely Postdoctoral Fellow (1991) University of Michigan; and Management Certificate (2015) Harvard University.

Research Interests

  • African American Women, Children, and Youth
  • Health and Mental Health Disparities
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Integrated Behavioral Health Care
  • Social Work Practice in Healthcare Settings

Representative Publications

Pecukonis, E., Keefe, RH., Cuddeback, GS., Copeland, VC., Friedman, MS., Albert, SM., (2019). Educations the next generation of public health social leaders: Findings from a two-day summit. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 39:2,132-147.

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Areas of Expertise