Liz Winter

  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Child Welfare Resource Center

Liz Winter is a clinical assistant professor in the school’s Child Welfare Education and Research Programs. Currently, she is working with the Child Welfare Resource Center (CWRC), located in Mechanicsburg, where she supports the integration of Team-Based Learning™ (TBL™), an evidence-based active learning and teaching strategy, into Pennsylvania’s statewide child welfare workforce development.  Dr. Winter is a certified TBL™ Consultant and currently serves on the Steering Committee of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative, an organization of educators from around the world who encourage and support the use of TBL™ in all levels of education and in workforce development.

From 2006 to 2018, Dr. Winter served as the Academic Coordinator of the school’s Child Welfare Education for Leadership Program (CWEL), which provides graduate social work education for public child welfare workers in Pennsylvania.  She has taught various theory and practice courses in the MSW program, including Traumatic Stress, Child Maltreatment, Child and Family HBSE, and Addictions.  

She earned her doctoral and master’s degrees in Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh and her law degree from the University of Oxford.  She practiced law in England before coming to the United States and obtaining her education in social work, after spending several years as a professional rowing coach. She has worked in child and family-serving agency settings in Pittsburgh and has provided training and consultation to human services and healthcare providers for over 20 years. 

Her professional interests include child welfare workforce development, well-being, and retention, LGBTQ youth in child and family serving systems, traumatic stress, and resilience development.  Dr. Winter maintains a small private social work practice.

Research Interests

  •  Team-Based Learning™
  • Child Welfare
  • Human Services Workforce Development
  • Trauma-informed coaching 

Representative Publications

Clarke, M., Merrick, L., Styron, J., Dolowitz, A., Dorius, C., Madeka, K., … Winter, E. A.

(2018, January 18).  Off to on: Best practices for Online Team-Based Learning™, a consensus white paper. Huntington, WV: Team-Based Learning Collaborative.

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Winter, E. (2012). The role of alcohol and drugs in child sexual abuse. In J.L. Postmus (Ed.), Sexual violence and abuse: An encyclopedia of prevention, impacts, and recovery. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.


Areas of Expertise