Laurenia Mangum

Laurenia Mangum is a third-year doctoral candidate in the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh and is also earning her Master of Public Health in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at the Graduate School of Public Health. Laurenia is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, where she earned her Bachelors of Social Work (2009) and Masters of Social Work (2011), with a specialty in clinical practice. Laurenia earned a Graduate Certificate in Public Health with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS in the Rural South (2017) from the University of Florida. Laurenia is a licensed master's level social worker in the state of Virginia.

Laurenia's clinical experiences have centered on promoting optimal health outcomes for underserved minority populations in child welfare, maternal-child health, community health, and community development. Laurenia's research interests focus on sexual health inequities among Black women, including biomedical and behavioral HIV prevention interventions. She is also interested in the role of social networks for Black caregivers living with HIV.

Areas of Interest: Sexual health inequities among Black women, biomedical/behavioral HIV prevention interventions, maternal well-being, social networks

Selected Presentations

Mangum, L., Craddock, J., Eack, S., Vonville, H., & Copeland, VC. (2021, January 20-22). Characteristics, Facilitators, and Barriers to PrEP uptake among HIV Negative African American Women: A socio-ecological perspective [Conference presentation]. SSWR 2021 Virtual Conference, United States.

Mangum, L., & Craddock, J. (October, 2020). A Tale of Two HIV Prevention Options: PrEP ring interest and PrEP pill interest among young Black women. Oral presentation at the American Public Health Association 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting and Expo.

Copeland, VC, & Mangum, L. (March, 2020) Outsider-Within: When Mentoring Graduate Students & Junior Faculty from Underrepresented Racial & Ethnic Groups. Oral presentation at the Inclusive Excellence in Mentoring and Advising: 2020 Mentoring and Advising Summit, Pittsburgh, PA.

Mangum, L. (May, 2019). Why aren't Black Women Retained in Care? A Black Feminist Perspective on HIV Self-Management among Black Single Mothers. Oral presentation at the National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS, Washington, D.C.

Selected Awards and Fellowships

Fellow, Doctoral Minority Fellowship Program                                                   2020

Council on Social Work Education

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


Pre-Doctoral Fellow, CiTECH                                                                                2020

School of Social Work/Department of Psychiatry

University of Pittsburgh


Fellow, Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship                                                2018

Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh


Recipient, Go Beyond Maternal & Child Health                                                  2020

Graduate Student Scholarship       

Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs

Johnson & Johnson Company


Awardee, William T. Green Jr. Award                                                                  2020

Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh

Social Media

Twitter: @C_Laurenia