LauraEllen Ashcraft

LauraEllen Ashcraft is a third year PhD student in the School of Social Work. She received her BASW from Millersville University of Pennsylvania and MSW from the University of Pittsburgh with concentrations in community organizing and social administration.  Her research interests include disseminating non-pharmacologic chronic pain management to primary care providers and state policymakers.

She is currently a Clinical and Translation Science TL1 Pre-doctoral Fellow in the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Clinical Research Education and is the Principal Investigator of “Perceptions of Evidence-Based Chronic Pain Management” which examines the barriers and facilitators to using evidence-based chronic pain management in primary care settings.

Representative Publications

Kahn, J. M., Rak, K. J., Kuza, C. C., Ashcraft, L. E., Barnato, A. E., Fleck, J. C., ... & Angus, D. C. (2018). Determinants of Intensive Care Unit Telemedicine Effectiveness: An Ethnographic Study. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine,

Ashcraft, L. E., Asato, M., Houtrow, A. J., Kavalieratos, D., Miller, E., & Ray, K. N. (2018). Parent Empowerment in Pediatric Healthcare Settings: A Systematic Review of Observational Studies. The Patient - Patient-Centered Outcomes Research.