Jacob Gordon

Jacob Gordon is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh. Jacob is a graduate of the University of New Mexico, earning a BA in Psychology (2016) and the Washington University in St. Louis earning a MSW (2018).

At the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, Jacob earned a Master’s Research Fellowship in social epidemiology studying the coping behaviors of marginalized identities living in North St. Louis. Jacob also worked at several non-profits in St. Louis, aiding in the introduction and advocation of LGBT non-discrimination policy in the state of Missouri. Currently at the University of Pittsburgh, Jacob is a graduate researcher at the Program for Internet Delivered Interventions on LGBTQA+ Mental Health (PRIDE iQ) https://www.prideim.pitt.edu/ exploring technology usage among LGBT+ populations.

Jacob’s research interests include depressive symptomology of LGBTQ+ individuals and technology use, intersectional digital mental health, and LGBT non-discrimination policy. His dissertation work investigates how specific motivations for using dating applications influence depressive symptomology among gay and bisexual men.

Research Interests

  • Intersectional Digital Mental Health
  • Depression
  • HIV/STIs among sexual minorities
  • Geospatial dating application usage among sexual and ethnic minorities
  • Technology-delivered interventions to combat negative mental health among LGBTQ populations

Selected Publications

Gordon, J., Escobar-Viera, C. G, Whitfield, D. (2022) Online social support-seeking experiences of Black, Latinx, and White LGBTQ+ young adults: a qualitative study. Unpublished Manuscript.

Hudson, D., Sacks T, Sewell, W., Holland, D., & Gordon, J (2019). Surviving the white space: perspectives on how middle-class Black men navigate cultural racism, Ethnic and Racial Studies

Escobar-Viera, C. G., Melcher, E. M., Miller, R. S., Whitfield, D. L., Jacobson-López, D., Gordon, J. D., ... & Pagoto, S. (2021). A systematic review of the engagement with social media–delivered interventions for improving health outcomes among sexual and gender minorities. Internet interventions, 25

Lombardi, B. M., Greeno, C. G., Jacobs, L., Gordon, J., Collins, K., & Jhon, P. (2021). Complex service needs of emerging adults accessing treatment for co-occurring opioid and mental health conditions. Social Work in Mental Health, 1-15.