Haeran Song

Haeran Song is a doctoral student at the School of Social Work at University of Pittsburgh. Her research theme focuses on immigrant adaptation and immigrant youth’s mental health. Specific research projects include the relationship between immigrants’ social network and adaptation success and the effect of acculturative stress on the mental health among immigrant adolescents. Her current research project is to investigate the effect of interaction among immigrant groups on psychological and economic adaptation of immigrants. She earned M.S.W. degree with a concentration in direct practice at the University of Pittsburgh, Master of Public Management (MPM) at Carnegie Mellon University, and B.A. in Social Welfare at the Seoul National University. Prior to joining academia, she has worked as a senior researcher at Gallup Research Group in South Korea.

Conference Presentations

Song, H., Dissonant Acculturation and Depression Among Hispanic and Asian Immigrant Adolescents: The Mediating Effect of Parents-­Children Conflict. Accepted at the 23rd Society for Social Work and Research Conference, San Francisco, CA, January 16-20, 2019.