Brianna Lombardi

  • Assistant Professor

Dr. Brianna Lombardi earned her PhD in Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a MSW graduate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. Dr. Lombardi’s research focuses on the impact of early life victimization and adversity on child mental health. Her work also is focused on social workers’ role in integrated health settings. 

Research Interests

  • Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health
  • Cumulative Victimization and Adverse Childhood Experiences 
  • Integrated Health and Integrated Behavioral Health 

Representative Publications

Lombardi, B.M., Bledsoe, S.E., Killian-Farrell, C., Lanier, P., Skinner, A.C. (In Press). Victimization and Adversity in Child Welfare Involved Youth: The Cumulative Influence on Behavioral Health Symptoms. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Lombardi, B.M., Zerden, L.D., Richman, E.R. (In Press). Where are Social Workers Co-Located with Primary Care Physicians? Social Work in Healthcare.

Zerden, L.D., Lombardi, B.M., Richman, E.R. (2019). Social Workers on the Interprofessional Integrated Team: Elements of Team Integration and Barriers to Practice. Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice, 17.

Lombardi, B.M., Zerden, L.D., Guan, T., & Prentice, A. (2019). The role of social work in the opioid epidemic: Office-based opioid treatment programs. Social Work in Healthcare, 58 (3), 339-344.

Maguire-Jack, K., Lanier, P., Lombardi, B.M. (Online First, 2019). A comparison of Adverse Childhood Experiences across racial groups: A Latent Class Analysis using national data. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.

Fraser, M.W., Lombardi, B.M., Wu, S., Zerden, L. D.,  Richman, E.L., & Fraher, E.P. (2018). Integrated primary care and social work: A systematic review. Journal for the Society of Social Work and Research, 9(2), 000-000.

Lanier, P., Maguire-Jack, K., Lombardi, B.M., Frey, J., Rose, R. (2018). Adverse childhood experiences and child health outcomes: Comparing cumulative risk and latent class approaches. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 22(3), 288-297.

Killian-Farrell, C., Rizo, C. F., Lombardi, B.M., Meltzer-Brody, S. & Bledsoe, S. E.  (2017). Examining traumatic experience, polytraumatization, and perinatal depression in a prospective study of adolescent mothers. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Advance online publication.

Zerden L. D., Lombardi, B. M., Fraser, M., Jones, A. & Garcia Rico, Y. (2018). Social work: Integral to interprofessional education and integrated practice. Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice, 10, 67-75

Areas of Expertise