Adrian J. Ballard

Adrian J. Ballard, MSW, LCSW (he/him/his) is a licensed clinical social worker with post-MSW practice experience in outpatient mental health services. Adrian’s research focuses on the role of sexual socialization and sexuality development in people’s overall mental, emotional, and social wellbeing, across and at intersections of identities and cultures. His dissertation entails development and validation of a measure to assess characteristics of sexual socialization messaging individuals receive and perceive. This will serve as a foundation for the research agenda Adrian intends to pursue, exploring relationships between sexual socialization experiences and psychosocial outcomes, with a particular emphasis on advancing sexual harm prevention innovations. As an educator, Adrian strives to embody a social work practice approach to serving students according to their unique and diverse strengths, needs, and self-determination. 

Adrian’s research interests and teaching philosophy are influenced significantly by his clinical social work experience in a New York State-certified community clinic in rural Upstate New York. There he conducted assessment, diagnosis, and psychotherapy with adolescents, adults, and older adults. He headed a group treatment program for mandated adults convicted or accused of sexual offenses or other problematic sexual behavior. Other prior employment and service experience includes adoptive family services, suicide prevention and crisis intervention, health care, medical education, non-profit, and corporate work in the Washington, DC, metro area. In addition to a PhD, Adrian will be completing a certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. 

Research Interests 

  • Sexual socialization across the lifespan 
  • Gender and sexual diversity and intersectionality 
  • Sexual harm prevention 
  • Social work education advancement and innovation 


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  • Instructor/Teaching Fellow: Human Sexuality (MSW Program-Direct Practice Specialty), Pitt School of Social Work, Fall 2022 (In person)
  • Instructor/Teaching Fellow: Models of Intervention (MSW Program-Direct Practice Specialty), Pitt School of Social Work, Spring 2022 (Hybrid synchronous)
  • Teaching Assistant: Generalist Research Methods (MSW Program) and Introduction to Research Methods (BASW Program), Pitt School of Social Work, Fall 2021 (In person)
  • Teaching Assistant: Clinical Practice with African American Families (MSW Program-Direct Practice Specialty), Spring 2021 (Online synchronous)